Warren, October 21, 1882


October 21, Charlie Johnson blew out his brains.  Last Sunday after visiting with Benson, he went home.  Monday, Frank Smith went up and he discovered that Charlie had the "snakes" but he was very rational; John Devine was staying with him but he wanted Frank to send someone else up.  Gus Rhody went up with medicine and stayed with him one night and coming down, said he was better.  Charles Clifford called on him and he thought he was a good deal better., he showed him through the mine and premises.  The same night Devine came to Willey's house shot through the side with a government rifle, but not dangerous.  Devine said Johnson saw every imaginable thing, shot some 8 or 10 shots in different parts of the house and was perfectly crazy.  Clifford came down in the morning.

Edwards, Bemis, Smith and Bentz went up finding him dead in his cellar, shot through the brains, blowing his forehead clean out.  It was a deliberate suicide.

Mr. Johnson was a Swede by birth, a pioneer of the territory, and has been largely connected with the mining interests of this camp since its discovery  He was known and respected by all and his untimely taking off has cast a gloom over the entire community.






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