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Chadwick, L.C. Grangeville Man Suicides July 18, 1912 IDS
Colson, George Another Suicide Nov. 18, 1902 IDS
Dopp, John John Dopp  DEC. 28, 1928 CC
Gould, Homer F. A Shocking Suicide May 10, 1889 ICFP
Hill, Tom Attempted Suicide Dec. 15. 1900 IDS
Hohaus, Richard Merchant Takes His Life Feb. 19, 1904 IDS
Johnson, Charles Charles Johnson Dead October 21, 1882 IDS
King, Douglas Douglas King Dies at Powell MAY 12, 1976 ICFP
Miller, Charles Committed Suicide JUNE 15, 1914   IDS
Noyes, Mrs. Fred Grangeville Woman Takes Strychnine Dec. 23, 1905 IDS
Osborne, William William Osborne Nov. 15, 1895 ICFP
Rasmussen, Robert Rash Deed of an Insane Man Jan. 8, 1904 IDS
Rhoda, Gus Gus Rhoda JULY 31, 1896   ICFP
Steele, Cas Northern Tragedy June 24, 1903 IDS
Stone, Mrs.   February 26, 1892 ICFP
Strong, George Suicide APRIL 20, 1888 ICFP
Sweeney, Henry A. Suicide December 27, 1939 LMT
Walker, Clarice X-CONVICT WOUNDS THREE  MARCH 11, 1913   EN
Welch, Michael Suicide MAY 4, 1888 ICFP
White, A.E. (Fred) Assault, Murder then Suicide Feb. 24, 1905 IDS


**Key to Resources**
CC Cottonwood Chronicle - Cottonwood, Idaho
EN The Evening News - San Jose, Calif.
ICFP Idaho County Free Press - Grangeville, Idaho
IDS  Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, Idaho
LMT Lewiston Morning Tribune



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