Mrs. Fred Noyes Commits Suicide – No Cause Known for the Deed – Leaves Husband and Two Small Children

A Grangeville special to the Lewiston Tribune says:

Mrs. Fred Noyes, aged 30, wife of a well-known Grangeville citizen, committed suicide a short time after 12 0’clock this (Thursday) morning by taking a large amount of strychnine, while at the Grangeville hospital.  No cause is assigned for the deed other than that the woman had been a sufferer for the past year and was taking treatment in the hospital at the time of the deed.  She leaves a husband and two small children, aged 4 and 2 years.

Mrs. Noyes secured a bottle containing the strychnine early in the evening and after taking a part of the contents called the attention of the nurse to the fact and attempted to throw the rest of the poison in the stove.  The bottle was taken from her and antidotes administered at once.  Nothing could be done to relive her and after one convulsion she died.  It is the general supposition that the poison was taken to frighten the hospital attendants and that she really did not intend to commit suicide.  She left no note or communication for her family and this adds color to the accident theory.

 Mrs. Noyes was born and raised in this part of the country and is well known among Idaho county people.  Her maiden name was Swan, her parents having been pioneers of this section.  Her husband is one of the best known me in Idaho County.  Mr. Noyes is greatly affected by the sad death of his wife, who was in the hospital but two weeks.






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