Another Evidence of the “Peaceable and Law-abiding Character of our Citizens.”

The following is from the Oregon Heralds: 

Walla Walla, Sept 23, 1870

A gentleman just down from the Nez Perce country furnishes the following account of a cold-blooded murder perpetrated at Camas Prairie, on the night of the 15th.  It seems that  a man named Peters Walters, the owner of a saw mill, met one of his workmen, named Joseph Yates, for  the purpose of having a settlement.  They met at Brown’s house, and made their settlement without difficulty.  Walters paid  Yates several hundred dollars.  The business over, Walters went to the door and in a few moments called for Yates to come out.  On going to the door, Walters addressed Yates as follows:  “Well, sir, you have got the money; I don’t owe you anything.”  To which Yates replied:  “Yes, It’s all settled:”  when Walters said to Yates; “I’ve got another settlement to make with you.”  And immediately drew his revolver and fired twice, both balls taking effect.  Yates lived several hours after being shot, but from the first, death was inevitable.  The shooting occasioned great excitement and for a time there was talk of mob execution, but finally better counsel prevailed and the party was arrested and sent to jail.  Both the parties to the tragedy were single men, and have heretofore stood fair in the community.  The only explanation of the shooting was that Yates had made remarks reflecting upon Walter’s integrity, and it is supposed that this coming to his knowledge, he determined to take Yates’ life.





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