JANUARY 3, 1901

Killed at Warren

Ellis Church shoots and instantly kills Jack Chambers

Jack Chambers, James Long and Mike Nevens attended a dance on Christmas night and about 11:30 went to the saloon owned by E. church and found it locked, but saw Church sitting in the back part.  They shook the door and said they wanted to come in but Church told them he had closed up and would no open again that night.  Long then started home, but Chambers and Nevens continued to shake the door.  Church finally started for the door and the men thinking he might have a club, stepped back when he opened the door and fire the ball passing through Chamber's heart, killing him instantly. 

DeGrundy started the next morning for Grangeville to inform them of what had happened Church is a cripple and the deep snow will make it practically impossible for him to escape if he tried.  He is quite well known in this part of the state and was at  one time located at Lewiston where he furnished music for saloons and public gatherings.





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