Mystery Surrounds Untimely Death of George Deering at Grangeville


Neck of Animal and Saddle Blood-Covered and Body of Dead Man Is Found Half Mile From Home Theories at Variance

Lewiston, Idaho, June 20  (Special)

While riding after his cattle on his farm near Grangeville, George Deering, a well-known Idaho County farmer, was shot and killed today, and the officers of that county are of the opinion that it was a premeditated murder.

Mr. Deering left his ranch home at noon today to round up some of his stock, and was later to be accompanied by his wife, who was to assist him.  Instead of going herself to assist Mr. Deering, she sent her oldest son.  Young Deering had gone only a short distance from home when he found the horse his father was riding.  The neck of the animal and the saddle were covered with blood.  

After a brief search, the dead man was found about a half mile from his home.  Investigation of the nature of the wound revealed that he had been shot from some distance.  The bullet entered his neck just above the shoulder.  It appears that Mr. Deering must have died instantly after falling from his horse.

Officers and neighbors are unable to establish any clue to the shooting.  Mr. Deering had been a resident of Idaho County for many years, had extensive stock holding, but never figured in any matters on the range which would cause an assault.  The officers entertain some idea that Mr. Deering might have been killed by a stray bullet, but no grounds have been found upon which to base this theory.

Sheriff Eimers, of Idaho County, informed the entire locality about the Deering home to ascertain whether anyone had been in the vicinity and had at that time engaged in any shooting.  The Mr. Deering was unarmed on his trip this morning is sure by statements of his wife and the officers who found him upon their arrival.  This dispels the idea of accidental shooting or self-destruction.

Mr. Deering leaves a wife and three children, and is an extensive property holder in Idaho County.






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