APRIL 23, 1908

Duel at Warren

A duel to the death at close range was fought Tuesday morning at old camp of Warren, between two miners, Steve Winchester and Richard Hambly.  The fight occurred at 10 o’clock and each party fired four shots.  Three of the shots fired by Winchester took effect and Hambly is dead.  Winchester is uninjured.  The guns used were the Iver-Johnson .38.  Hambly lived a short time after being shot.

The trouble dates back a couple of years when they disagreed over a mining location.  This matter dealt with a re-location of the famous Rescue mine which first brought Warren into prominence as a quartz camp.  Hambly located the mine and left Winchester out.  When he found that he could not hold the claim because of having left the army without credentials of discharge, he abandoned the location and it was re-located by Ira McGary.

At the last term of court, Winchester sued to quiet title and was given a decree in his favor.  Deputy Sheriff Van de Venter came to Warren a few days ago to place Winchester in possession.  The duel took place immediately upon the final step of possession.

As soon as the papers were served, Ira McGary went out to Grangeville to consult an attorney.  There were three witnesses to the shooting and Hambly fired the first shot.  The deputy Sheriff and Winchester are now enroute to Grangeville.

APRIL 30, 1908

Is Acquitted

The trial of Steve Winchester, the man who shot Richard Hambly in Warren, resulted in his acquittal.






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