Idaho County Free Press

Thursday, March 19, 1936


Fred Anderson Confesses to Murder of Station Helper in Pittsburgh in 1930

George C. Skidmore, 26, alias Fred Anderson, was placed under arrest near Castle creek by Sheriff Walter Altman and Joe Roberts, deputy and brought out to Grangeville, Wednesday and is being held for agents of the Department of Justice,.  Skidmore is wanted for the murder of one Chas. Hammond, crippled attendant at the Liberty Bell service station, in Pittsburgh, Pa. on September 20, 1930, during a stickup of the station.  Shortly after the holdup, a Gen Botsford was apprehended and named Skidmore and one Henry Uccellino, alias Hennie White, still at large as his confederates.

Information from Pittsburgh stated Skidmore was a crack pistol shot, always ready to shoot, and said he had already shot, four highway patrolmen, who had attempted to arrest him for this murder.  He always wore from one to two pistols and often times also carried a rifle.

He came to Grangeville sometime in 1931 and worked at different places on the prairie and on the Clearwater, and is well acquainted in the Stites and Kooskia sections.  At the time of his arrest he was employed with a line crew in the construction of a telephone line to Elk City.

Although his life while a resident of this county has been always within the law, he had been finger printed twice and had been kept under surveillance at all times by Sheriff Altman, because of his guns, and ability to be out of the country or in hiding when wanted.

He has waived extradition, and consented to go willingly to stand trial for this murder in Pittsburgh. 





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