AUGUST 24, 1905

“Doc” Martin Accused of Arson and Maybe Murder

“Doc” Martin who just completed six months in the county jail for larceny was immediately arrested again on the charge of arson.

Just before the big fire at Warren, John F. Kroll, a respected and well to do prospector started for the Big Creek district to prospect.

Before leaving he cashed a check for about $70 and bought $15 worth of supplies.  A few days after this the big fire occurred and Martin was suspected of setting the fire and ordered to leave town.  He was searched for some evidence but nothing was found and it is known that he did not have a cent of money.  He is interested in a mining claim on Big Creek where there is a cabin and provisions and it was supposed that he would go there.

The next heard of him was only a few days later when he appeared with Kroll on Big Creek and Kroll bought a part of beef from a butcher who was supplying the Wardenhoff mine.  The next morning Martin returned alone with Kroll’s horse and brought the meat back.  From that time no person has been able to find any trace of Kroll.  Martin went to Roosevelt and got into a poker game and lost about $50.  He went to a saloon keeper and borrowed $10, putting up a gold watch which has since been identified as Kroll’s.  The following day he sold Kroll’s horse for $35 and since then a quiet investigation has been going on.  The search is still being made for Kroll and if the body could be found it might go a long way toward clearing up the mystery. 



OCTOBER 12, 1905

“Doc” Martin Again

“Doc” martin recently stirred up the passengers of the Owl train at Lewiston Saturday evening.  He said that someone had attempted to murder him and became boisterous and unruly and was taken in charge by some of the passengers and turned over to the sheriff at Moscow.  It is supposed that he was under the influence of morphine, it being one of his pastimes to partake of the deadly drug.  Martin was held in the Idaho county jail on several charges, among them being murder, arson and theft.



MAY 7, 1908

“Doc” Martin is the Man

  E.H. Martin, who was at one time a citizen of this county and in the clutches of the law on several occasions, has been taken in by the police of Portland and held for the brutal murder of Nathan Wolff, a Jewish pawn broker.  Martin is a dope fiend with criminal instincts.  He was arrested in the Big Creek section of this county February 1905 upon the charge of burglary but it was understood at the time he was being held pending an investigation of murder.  Sufficient evidence could not be secured and the authorities released him.  Later he was arrested for an attempt to destroy the county jail but was again released.  Near the close of 1905 he left his county and was arrested while passing through Moscow and examined as to his sanity.  However, as usual, he was released and from that time until now had dropped out of sight.

December 3, 1908  FP

“Doc” Martin, the notorious character, was found guilty of manslaughter in the court of Portland last week and given fifteen years in prison.





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