NOVEMBER 18, 1899

RANCHER KILLED – Shot Through the Heart by a Sheepman in a Quarrel

(This article also appeared in the Idaho Statesman, Boise on the same day.  Under the heading of "KILLED A FARMER Had A Dispute Over the Possession of Some Land – Murderer Gives Himself Up to the Authorities")

Lewiston, Ida., Nov. 17 – A special to the Tribune from Cottonwood, Idaho County, says:  A tragedy which resulted in the killing of Charles Maughmor by Clifford Riggs, a prominent sheep man and a member of the firm of Riggs Brothers, occurred this morning near Maughmor’s farm on a disputed tract of land, where Riggs’s sheep were grazing.

Maughmor, it appears, accompanied by his brother, both on horseback, went to a point where Riggs had established a camp and an old dispute regarding possession of land was revived.  Hot words followed, and according to a statement subsequently made by Riggs, Maughmor started to pull his revolver, when he raised his rifle and fired.  The bullet entered just above Maughmor’s heart and he fell from his horse, dying in a short time.

The dead man’s brother and an employee of Riggs were the only witnesses.  Riggs later rode to Mount Idaho and gave himself up to the authorities.  He says he acted in self defense.  Rigg’s home is in Lewiston, where he is well known.



DECEMBER 4, 1899

The Mt. Idaho correspondent of the Lewiston Tribune says”  Clifford Riggs  has been for the second time vindicated for the act resulting in the death of Charles Maughmor.  The coroner’s jury declared he did the killing in self-defense and today Probate Judge Vincent, before whom the preliminary examination was conducted, rendered the same decision.






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