Idaho County Free Press

February 24, 1893

Is It Murder or Suicide?

    An old man nearly 70 years old named John Swader, engaged in herding sheep for Wm. Clark, on Little Salmon, was found dead on the range February 15, with a pistol ball through his head and a pistol in his hand.  Coroner Turner was notified and left for the scene, and has not returned as we go to press.  It is reported that deceased was shot three times through the head, which precludes the idea of suicide.  Dark rumors are afloat that the old man was ambushed and put out of the way because he knew too much about the late Dickerson Fracas on Rapid River, and would have been too important a witness to suit the views of some interested in that case.  But in all probability these are exaggerations and the affair will likely resolve itself into an ordinary suicide.  He was hot through the left temple.






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