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The killing of Frank Van Horn, Grangeville young man who met death at the hands of Frank Bishop at McCall, November 29, was deliberately planned, in the opinion of M. Van Horn, the young man's grief-stricken father, in Grangeville.

The father, after conducting an investigation of the tragic deed, which resulted in the death of his son, is satisfied that Bishop had for some time planned to kill the young man, and only awaited a favorable opportunity to commit the crime.

Bishop Sentenced to Pen

Bishop, who surrendered to the authorities immediately after the killing, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the district court of Valley county at Cascade, and has been sentenced to an indeterminate term of from one to ten years in the state penitentiary at Boise.

Young Van Horn and Bishop had not been friends for several weeks previous to the shooting, says the boy's father, and friends of the dead man say that Bishop had made the threat that he would "get" Van Horn.  The fact that the revolver which Bishop used to kill Van Horn had been wrapped in newspapers and placed behind the counter in a pool room at McCall, lends emphasis to the elder Mr. Van Horn's belief that the killing was premeditated.

Bishop Grabs Revolver

Bishop, according to eye-witnesses of the tragedy, who have reported details to the dead man's father, when he became angered at Van Horn, immediately went behind the counter in the poolhall, seized the revolver from the paper and fired four shots - all in the magazine - some of which went astray.  Bishop, after killing Van Horn  threatened to slay a friend of the dead man, but the friend dashed out of the building and escaped.  He was one of the men who accompanied the body of Van Horn to Grangeville.

Another fact that had much to do with the father forming the opinion that Bishop had planned the murder of his son, was the receipt about two weeks before the killing, of a letter by the wife of the murdered man.  The letter which was written by Frank Van Horn, was addressed to his wife here, and about the margin of the envelope was drawn a heavy, black line indicative of mourning.  The letter which told the young wife of Van Horn's plan to pay a holiday visit to his family here, also advised Mrs. Van Horn not to depart on a contemplated journey to McCall, where she was to have joined her husband.  Saying that the trip was a long and difficult one, and the roads poor, the young man prevailed upon his wife not to make the journey.

Black Margin a Mystery

The Van Horns are unable to account for the black margin on the envelope.  Some think that the letter, before being posted, might have fallen into the hands of a confederate of Bishop, who, desirous that the life of Van Horn might be spared drew the line about the envelope, as a mysterious warning to Van Horn's relatives that the young man was marked for death, and giving them an opportunity to "read between the lines" and advise him to leave the McCall country.  Again the drawing of the black margin on the envelope might have been in the nature of a black-hand warning of approaching death.  

The mysterious black margin on the envelope was given little thought on the part of young Mrs. Van Horn at the time the letter was received.  However, when word came that her husband had been slain, she immediately connected the mysterious envelope with the murder.  She at once attempted to  locate the envelope, but it had disappeared.  Mrs. Van Horn thinks she simply mis-placed the envelope and that she will find it.






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