Aug 2 d      Francis and I went to Mrs. Johnsons and stayed all night we had a good time we went a berring and got some berries in the evening we came home


Aug 3      I went to church this evening


Aug 4th Mr. and Mrs. Flenner left this morning on the stage for Walla Walla and will remain a few weeks



Aug 28th Mrs. Hill has a Little boy weighed 9lb



Aug 29th Mrs. McKinley? has a pair of twins - a boy and a girl. the girl weighed 8½ lb. and the boy 10lb.



Sep 4th A school mate of mine Tomas Heron he was dronded in the lake a swimming  the men went out to hunt for him this evening.


Sep 5      The men have not found him yet


Sep 6      They are a going to dive for him to-day


Sep 7      Mr. Harris has draged the lake and found him  they will burry him as quick as they can


Sep 8      The cermoney was delivered about 11 o’clock   I was not there because I did not know what time it was until it was over.


Sep 9      I went up to Mr. Johnger(?) this after noon  

      the weather is very cold






July 6 th      At the residence of the bride’s parents by J. Bowers  Miss Susan Ruby to Mr. R. M. G. (Richard) Bradley all of Grangeville


Aug 11 th      By Rev. J.D. Flenner  Mr. M. P. Crooks to Miss Mary Behean? all of Grangeville, I. T.



Dec 4 th        At Mt. Idaho by J. Bowers Mr. T. B. Butter to Miss C.  Riebold






      Sep 15    Grangeville, I. T. Mr. and Mrs. Crane a son weighed 8 lb.


      Sep 30      Grangeville, I.T., Wife of C. Day a daughter 8 lb.


      Oct 9           Grangeville, I.T., Wife of Hiram Titman a girl 12 pounds


      Jan 20      About 6? miles from   -  to the wife of  D. Telcher a girl


      March       In this place on the 10th to the wife of W. C. Pearson a son weighed 9 lb.





      Sep 10      to-day is my 13 birthday  I had a present of a nice tie.  The weather is cool.  Mr. Bert Sherman is here  he took dinner with us.  The Riebold girls & George was here


        11th      The weather is very fine.  We washed to-day  Miss Addie Pearson was here this after- noon and made a visit  we combed your hair and made spit curels  Had lots of fun.  Mr. Butter has just arrived from the wire bridge  he has been  driving pigs to the mines [Warrens]  Mother is sick this evening and at supper Mr. Butter took sick - not very much.  Brother got home from his work a few minutes ago.   Ed is up town at present   my sister is not very well to-day neither.


         12         Very fine day.  Mrs. Susan Bradley was here this afternoon and made a short visit.  Miss Maggie Robinson Called this evening.  Mother washed some flannel shirts this afternoon.  Brother got home from working with the thrashing machine.  Mrs. Smith is sick again


         13         The weather was very fine.  Mr. Morris walked to see Boney Malery  Francis and I cleaned the house all up   Mrs. Wicklow arrived from the river.  This evening she and Mrs. Crooks called a few minutes this evening   Mr. Earl came up also with a load of fruit   Butter and Ed stacked mother hay this morning   Mrs. Riebold was a few minutes we tied a comforter this after noon






      Sep 14th       I went to Sunday school this morning  Our pastor Mr. Haul has arrived   Mr. Shisler and Susie and Mrs. Shearer was here  all took dinner with us   Mr. Rochphere also was here.   Miss Riebold and Lizzie was here and Mr. Large this evening   Mr. Hughes was here


         15th       I was sick today   Mrs. Yane made a fashionable Call.  Mr. McNeir is hauling mothers lumber   Mr. Butter went to his ranch to look for water but did not find any.  A large fire can be seen on the prairie.  Mrs. Wilklow left this morning for La Grande to teach school.  Mr. Gibbons and Joe arrived from Salmon river this after noon with vegetables for us and some melons.   16th  Dr. Morris was here to see Bony.  Mr. Markham and Harry Called this evening    ?? was called and Mrs Crane came by to see?


        Sep 16th       I washed today   Miss Gussie Reinheart and Addie Pearson was here a few minutes.  Mr. Butter has gone to his ranch this morning to dig for water   Miss Gussie and Miss Pearson is going to start for the river this after - noon   Mr. Large left for the river this morning   Mr. Riggins is sick.  Allie is going to stay all night with me   Mrs. Smith called a few minutes this evening   I saw Mrs. Cranes little baby







      Sep 17th      Allie Riggins has gone home   Mr. Markham and Mr. Carpinter went to the river this morning.  Francis and I mopped the flour this morning.   Mother went to Mrs. Cranes a few minutes   Brother stayed all night with Mrs. Crane.  Mr. Jack Butter made a short call this morning.  Mr. Robinson and Mr. Haul called this morning.  Mr. Crofford took supper with us.  Mr. Joel is going to stay with bony all night.  Mr. Haul and wife moved from Mr. Robinsons to Mrs. Rices house.  I called on Mrs. Rauch.


      Sep 18th      Francis and I ironed this morning  Ed went down to get Mrs. Caimbrige to stay with Mrs. Crane   Mother went up a moment to see Mrs. Crane   Mr. Butter called a few minutes   Mr. Crofford took supper with us.


      Sep 19th      I am going to stay with Mrs. Crane to-night


      Sep 20      I am staying with Mrs. Crane  Mr. Crane and I had breakfast at half - past 6? o’clock this morning   an old acquaintance of mine came to see Mrs. Crane this morning  It was Willie Anderson from Lewiston   Mrs. King and Mrs. Crooks Julia and Margret Manuel and Jessie King also Addie Pearson was here and made a short visit  Mr. Nathan Earl came from the river today.





      Sep 21st       Frances and I went to Sunday school this morning and church  We also went to the funeral after church.  Mr. Bert Sherman took supper with us this evening   Ed McNeir is not very well this evening.


      Sep 22d        Mr. Tom Butter and Jack moved to their ranch today to build a house  Miss Frances Yates made a short visit this evening   I and Frances went to Mrs. Crooks’es this evening  I met Mr. Foss this evening  Mother bought 50? lb of pork to-day and two gal of Vinegar from a soldier?   Ed is working for Mr. Crooks with the thrashing machine  Mother and I washed to-day  had a very big washing   Mr. Anderson visited us to-day   Miss Gussie called this morning.


      Sep 23         Mr. B. Sherman took dinner with us  I scrubed to-day.  I went to Singing school this evening  They moved Mrs. Crane to Mrs. Bradley’s   I have her bird to take care of.  Mrs. Caimbridge is waiting on her   I called to Mrs. Smith  Ed came to see us this evening.  Dr. Morris was married to Lewiston to-day.


      Sep 25         Dr. Morris arrived from Lewiston this evening with his Bride.  Jim? Crooks arrived from Dayton with his bride and sister   Mr. and Mrs. Swarts and Peril made a short visit   Mr. Crea called





      Sep 25th 1879      this evening   Ed took Supper here this evening.  Mr. Earl made a fashionable call this afternoon   We ironed to-day  Nelie Rauch came to get some flour   Mr. Taylor went to Mr. Butter’s to-day   The people are going to shiver ree Jim to-night.  brother is going with them


      Sep 26th       Miss Gussie Reinhardt called this morning   Edward is working for  Mr. Crooks   I called to Mrs. Rauchs’ and also to Mrs. Bradleys   I made Addie Pearson a visit this afternoon   I went to practice to-day   Mrs. Crane is worse   Mrs. Blodget is waiting? on her   Mr. Earl and Mr. Ot from the river took supper with us    Brother sent his name in the Red Cross about a week ago and to night is going in   Mr. Smead was killed by the Indians a short time ago -  About a 130 Soldiers arrived from the lower country   Mr. T. Butter and Mr. Taylor is not very well   Mother received a package from the east    two white shirts   Mr. Strong? arrived from below


      Sep 27th             The weather is cool.  Mr. Butter stayed all night.  It rained all night.  Mr. Ot went to town to-day   I went to Mrs. Yanes to  visit her   Mr. Taylor is not very well   Mr. Pope spoke to me   Mr. Rochephere called this evening   Jim Crooks called this evening   Frank Rauch called this afternoon.  there was church at 11 o’clock   I did not go





      Sep 28th       It is raining and is very cold   Mr Ot left for the river  I suppose he will get wet  There is no Sunday school today   But church at Seven o'clock   Mr Rochphere was here this evening   Ed attended  to Tom Clarks salloon to-day   There is church this evening   brother is going  but I am not going   Mr. Glinis? and another man came here to stay all night


      29th       Mr Glinis? is here  Mr. Strong and Mr. Haul called this afternoon  Mr. Corn also    Mother and Francis and I tied a quilt this after-noon  Long? Bill took supper here this evening.  I Broke Mrs Crane's bird cage water cup  The weather is cool and blustering   Ed went to the post today


      30th       We washed    got done a little while ago    The wind is blowing and it is rainng   Ed is not to home to-day   Mr. Brown got hurt  got his foot hurt a rassling with Mr. Crooks.  Brother is working for Mr. Crooks  Mrs. Caimbridge was to see Mrs. Crane this after noon.   We have a new boarder.  Mr. Haul came to get my Robinson Arithmetic   Ed and Grant came home  this evening tired and wet.  Ed has been to work for Mr. Crooks.


      October 1st        We ironed today  The weather is stormy and wet  This fore noon Ed cut some wood for Mr. Clark  Mrs Rauch called a few minutes this afternoon  (cont)





      Oct 1st      Mr. Earl brought mother a box of peaches this morning.   Francis and I slept in mothers room.   Mr. Pope gave me a paper of candy.   Mr. Rogers came here this evening  will stay all night.


      2d         Ed is working for Mr. Crooks and Grant also   I scrubbed the house    Mr. Victor a friend of ours from the river called this after-noon    Francis and Addie went to see Mrs. Rauch this after noon    I got some calico to line my quilt   Mother went to see Mrs. Crane this evening    Mr. Coon came home with mother   Brother went to singing this evening   Francis and I didn't go.


      3rd       Miss Gussie Reinhardt called this morning.  Mother put my quilt in the fraim.  Mother went to town with Mr. Brown and got me the first pair corsets and two side dishes and some flannel, a belt ribbon, some calico.  Mr. Bradley came for some light-bread for Mrs. Crane.  Brother went to Red Cross.  Mother is not very well this evening.


      4th        I scrubbed this morning.  I brought Mrs. Yane some H?e yeast.  Mrs. Rouch called this morning.  Mr. J. Butter came to get the pitch fork. I  (cont)




      Oct 4th        went to see Mrs. Hall this after noon and also went to the bucher shop for some meat     Mr. Taylor went to town   Just got home from work    Mr. Rogers came here this evening    Ed stopped in a minute  he was in a hurry to go to his work and could not stay    Mr. Rhett broke Jail the night before last and came over here and talked with Mrs. Crooks and Mike   He was in prison at Mt. Idaho   Francis and Addie went to see Addie Pearson    I put on my corset this after noon for the first time  they fit splendid   Mr. Rogers stayed all night last night   he came here after we had all gone to bed


      Oct 5th        I went to Sunday - school and also Francis   Mr. Robinson came to see if he could get Ed to work for him   I don't know if he did or not    Miss Gussie and Miss Alma Markham called this morning.  Mr. Hughes called this after-noon.  Charles Cone an old friend from Salmon River also ... Mr. Chamberlin made a short visit.  I went home with Alma and she and I came up and went to church together.  Mr. Rochphere and Charles Cone and Francis and Grant also went?  Mr. Cone stayed all night. Brother went      (cont)





      Oct 5th        home with Alma after church.  The weather is very cold   it snowed last night on the mountains   The Gibbons from Salmon river stayed all night.


      Oct 6th        Poe from Salmon river took supper here this evening   Mr Ot also   Frank Rauch got his arm broken   he had it broken 5 weeks ago and was just getting well so he could use it.   And this after - noon he jumped from a plat-form at the mill and broke it again   The weather is cold.  Mrs. Susan Bradley called a few minutes.  Mrs. Crane called a few minutes this after noon.


      Oct 7th        Mrs. Moley Chapman and Maggie was here to-day and took dinner with us.  It is the first time we have saw her for six years.  Miss Francis Yates called this after-noon.  Brother and Charles Cone and Mr. Ot and Mr. Gibbons and Joe went to town.  Mr. Ot and Joe had a lawsuit.  Mr. Ot beat.   Prof. Plummer from below arrived on the stage this evening and is stopping here.  He will give one of his evening entertainments to-morrow I think.


      Oct 8th        We washed to-day    Mrs. Rauch and family came here to-day.  Mrs. Rauch quilted on      (cont)





      Oct 8th        my quilt   Mrs. Hill and Aggie and baby called this evening   Mr. Caner? took dinner with us to-day   Mr. Jake Rievly? came here for dinner this after noon    Mr. Crane came here this after noon after mother  Mrs. Crane sent after her   Prof. Plummer has gone to Mt. Idaho to give one of his entertainments   Mr. Gordon called on business this morning   Today is Ed's 21 birthday   Mr. Mortin and Mrs. Mortin and 6? children arrived from Lewiston to make a visit at her Mothers for a month or so    Mrs. Susan Bradley called this evening


      Oct 9th        Today is Francis and Grant’s birthday   Grant is 15 and Francis is 11  Brother had a present of some candy and so did Sister    She also had a present of a pair of kid gloved and a bottle of pickles    Mr. Rochphere took dinner with us   Mr. Crea called a few minutes and also Mr. Rogers  There is singing this evening and also teachers meeting   I and Francis did not go   Brother went   Brother bought us some butter to-day    Mr. Jim Fallon took dinner with us    The weather is cold and wet


      Oct 10th       Ed came here this morning before breakfast.  L.L. Gordon called this morning a few minutes   Mr. Taylor went up to the mountains this morning to cut wood    Packed his blankets  Mr. Brown came from Mr. Butter’s this evening he      (cont)





      Oct 10         has been five hours on the road   Brother went to Red Cross this evening   I went to see Mrs. Crane and Susan Bradley to-day    The weather is just like winter  it snowed and hailed this afternoon   Mrs. Blodget made us a visit   Francis has a sore eye   I finished an undergarment    Mr. Fallon was here to-day   he went to Mr. Earn Smith’s this evening    Francis scrubbed the kitchen and pantry this afternoon


      Oct 11th       I ironed this morning     Miss Maggie Robinson called The weather is cold  Charley Coon was here and made a short visit   I finished an under garment this evening   Mr. Rochphere was here  Mother finished my quilt



      Oct 12th       Francis and Grant and I went to sabbath school    The Stage came this morning the horses ran away  Mr. Crofford was kicked on the head and in his breast   Mr. Eastman the driver was not heart   he picked Mr. Crofford up and packed him a mile to Mr. Ramb’s?   Mr. Crofford was knocked senceless    Mr Crofford was here for supper   I met Mr. Conover  he also was here for supper  Mr. Crooks was here this after noon    We received a letter from Mr. Holmes    he got home all safe  Mother sent a letter to Mr. Dorland? of Cal   I also sent a letter to Mr. Holmes  in answer to the one I got from him  Mr. Crofford will stay here tonight.  Mr. ??  (cont)





      Oct (?)       came here this evening.  he is not very well  he has the sick headache.



      Oct 13th      We washed to-day   The weather is cold and rainie   Mr. Baly Chamberlin took dinner with us to-day   Miss Gussie Rheinhardt called this morning    Jake Hicks came from Mr. Joh Adkinson to-day   Mr. Jude Crofford went to Lewiston


      Oct 14th       I went to see Lizzie Riebold and Mrs. Titman’s baby    Francis and Addie also went to see Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Crane    Mr. Hall made a short visit    Mother went to see Mrs. Crooks and Mrs. Pearson   Mr. McNeir went to work for Mr. Robinson     he is going to plow?   Mr. Smith came from the river this evening     Mr Anderson came here to-day     We all went to the school this evening to Mr. Plummer   we all got bilked?    I met Mrs. Williams    Mrs. Crea and Charley Crooks left this morning on the stage for Iowa


      Oct 15th       We ironed to-day    I took sick this fore noon   Mrs. Hall made a visit this after  noon    Mr. Cone and Indian Joe came from the river   Mr. Rochphere was here to-day


      Oct 16th       Mrs. Bradley was here   Mr. Smith went to the river   I went to see John Crea  he is very sick    Brother and Charley Cone went to the dance and there were not many   there were 8 tickets sold only 8 ladies there  Edward was here this           (cont)





      Oct 16th       evening and stayed a while   Charley Cone and Joe started for the river this morning and also Mr. Anderson    Brother went to Red Cross this evening    Perry Sherman was here this evening  Mr. Brown went after the Dr. for John Crea   I went to see Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Yane   Mrs. Shisler and Annie was here  Mother made some tomatoes preserves this after noon   Lee Smith is sick   Minne Rice came and brought our pleater home


      Saturday 18th      We mopped    Jake Hicks helped us   We got a load of wood from Mr. Hughes   We went to practice this afternoon   Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Crooks was here this afternoon   Bert and Perry Sherman was here


      Sun 19         We went to Sunday school   Brother and the Sherman boys went    Ed was here this morning   I have got a new hat Mrs. Rauch was here  We all went to see Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Bradley   also Mrs. Crane


      Mon 20th       We washed to-day    Charley Case was here   We all went to Prof. Carry’s entertainment   Charley Rochphere was here





      Tuesday 21st      We ironed to-day   Mr. Woods and Charley White came from Slate Creek    Mr. and Mrs. Rauch and Frank was here


      wensday 22nd      Mr. Woods and Charley White went to Mt. Idaho to-day  Mrs. Ra? was here


      Thursday 25th      Addie Pearson and Katie and I went to maggie Robinsons    We had a very good time   Brother  Butter was here   Charley White went to cotton wood to take a ranch  We went to singing this evening


      Friday 24       Charley White came from cotton wood this evening


      Saturday 25th      Jake Hicks went to Lewiston    Charley White and Grandpa went to the river  Mr. Brown went to Clear Water   We Mopped the house   George Riggins was here


      Sunday 26th       We went to Sabbath school and churches   We got our prizes   Mr. Eurich? was here   Mr. Taylor  Joe  Mr. Gibbons, Joe’s  Son  Mr Smith   Edward? and Mr. McNeir called this evening   Mother went to see Mrs Rauch   Thurston Ruby came to get my saddle?





      Monday 27th      We washed    Mrs Yane was here  Jim Fallom came here  We went to practice  but? Gussie had the Organ all to pieces  I helped her (??) it and also Francis    Griff Roberts came from the river   Mr. Brown came from Clear Water.  Gussie Addie and Alice dressed? in men’s clothes and went around town


      Tuesday 28th      We ironed   Jim Fallom went to Benoys to work   Charley Rochphere was here   Tommy Aram came here to get Jim    Charley R. brought the mail    We got cousins Christor? and Bertie? and Jessie’ picture?  Mr. Eurich was here  Mrs. Yane and Mrs. Rauch was here  We got a letter from Aunt Mary and Aunt Sarah


      Wensday  29      Mrs. Jones and Mr. Martin was here  & Griff came from town  Mother mopped   We all went to the show??


      thurday 30         Griff went to the river  Grant and Mr. Anderson came from the river  John crea was here   Mrs Rauch was here   Jake came from Lewiston    the weather is cool   Grant went to singing




      Friday 31st       The weather is cool    We received a letter from Aunt Mary  also got her picture  Mother finished my dress   I went to Addie’s this after-noon.  Bill Anderson went to town  Berk was here to-day   Grant went to Red Cross this evening    Brother Tom Butter was here to-day    Grant and Jake went a hunting    Jake painted the cupboard and the table legs   Mrs. Haul moved today.


      Saturday  1st      We mopped today  Mrs. Rauch was here.  We went to practice   Jack Butter took supper with us   Mrs. Rice moved to town this morning


      Nov Sunday 2nd        We went to Mrs. Hills to-day  We went to Sunday school.  The weather is fine   The Red Cross marched and erected the tomb Stone on Charley Huston’s grave   Mr. Rochphere  Jack Butter and Mr. Bushay took dinner with us to-day    Edward was here this evening and took supper with us.  Grant Jake Riley Mr. Jordan Brown Edward McNeir all went to church   Mr. Robie came from Salmon river to-day   Francis and Addie and I went to Mrs. Crooks’ and Mrs. Yane’s to-day   Mrs. Yane and Mr.? went to Lewiston      (cont)



      November 1879



      Sunday 2d       Mother went to Mrs. Rauch’s today   We went to see them erect the tomb Stone


      Monday 3d         We all went to school the first day of the fall term  Mrs Robie went to town today   Mr. Howard came from the river today   Mr. Bush is here  Addie had a present of a doll for a birthday   Mother got a letter from Lewiston


      Tuesday 4th        Today is Addies 4th birthday  The funeral was largely attended  service in the hall at 10 o’clock    Mr. Carry was here to bye our place   Mrs. Crooks was here this evening   We are getting along nicely at school   Mr. Brown went to Mr. Reynols  Gussie and Mrs. Pearson went a visiting this   Grant drove the bucher wagon down to Jim’s?   Mr. Alexande came upon the stage the eavening   Mr. Euric called this evening   Frances Yates took dinner with us to-day


      wensday  5th      Addie and Tom Pearson came to school   Alice Crooks also  We have a very good teacher   The weather is cold   Mother washed to-day    Mother got a letter from a friend in Cal  stated that her husband was dead his name was Henry Dorland?  Alice and J(ames) (ink blot)





      Nov  1879


      wensday  5             Crooks was here this evening   Nellie ran off and Alice came after her   she was told by her parents to go home and did not   Gussie give lessons to day   I took a lesson    Joe and Mr. Gibbons was here


      Thursday 6th      Bert and Perry came from the river today   Mr. Alexander took supper with us this evening  Joe and Mr. Gibbins also was here  The weather is cold and it snowed some this afternoon   Jerome and Miss Rice was here to-day


      Friday 7th        John Carry was here this morning  Bert and Perry was also here  Harry Cone came from the River   Grant and Harry went to red Cross this evening   I had a very good music lesson  I saw Ed to-day  Jake went to Earn Smith’s to-day   The weather is cold   Bill Darrah came here and Bill Anderson came from the river


      Saturday 8           We ironed a few things and also moped    Mrs. Rauch and Mrs. Grear was here   Mr. Livingston the peddler came here this evening    Grant went to Mt. Idaho Lodge and also Harry Cone   I went to practice



      Nov 1879


      Saturday 8           Mrs. Hall  Miss Gussie Reinhardt and Addie Pearson cleaned the hall   Mother bought some thing of the peddler


      Sunday 9       We went to Sabbath school and church  Francis and I went to see Mrs. Markham folks   Charley Rochphere was here   The weather is cold


      Monday 10th      We washed  to-day  a new scholar came to school


      Tuesday 11         Miss Gussie give music lessons today


      Thursday 13         Mr. Fell Helmore and Joe and Johney Gibbson? came from Salmon River (today?)


      Friday 14       Mrs. Caimbrige and Mr. Caimbrige and Johney Byrom Tom Butter also Geo Hashegan here   Bill Anderson came here for dinner   The weather is cold   I joined the Red Cross to night   Dick Adkinson was here   Mr. Benson raised quite an excitment


      Saturday 15         We scrubed today   Mr. Markham took dinner with us   Mr. Morks and I bought some things of the peddler   also mother.   Francis and I went to practice   the weather is unpleasant   Geo Hashigan is boarding here and Mr. Nugent




Nov  16th 1879

      Sunday 16         We went to Sunday school to-day   Francis got two prizes at sabbath school to-day for verces   Mr. and Mrs. Rauch was here and Susan Bradley   Mr. Euric was here also   Edward McNeir was here a few minutes  he came to bring Mr. Robie a letter   Edwards brother came up from Lewiston a few days ago   he is now working at the Hotel for Mr. Titman   Alice Riggins was at sabbath school today


      Monday 17th   We washed today   Three new scholars came to school to-day   Mrs. Susan Bradley was here this after noon  John Crea is here at present   Mr. Pope gave me one of his pictures   Mr. Livingston the peddler gave me a back comb and some beads   he went to lewiston to-day   Charley Coon came from Lewiston on the stage this evening


      Tuesday 18th      We went to school   I took my music lesson  I had an invitation to the Grange’s harvest feast   Mr. Eurie was here this evening


      Wensday 19th      Leroy Gordon was here and also John Crea   Miss Susan Markham was here


      Thursday  20      Mr. Euric was here   Mother went to Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Yane.





Nov 21, 1879

      Friday 21st       George and Mr. Radie was here   Mr. Brown Came from Mr. Swarts to-day   Tomas Pearson  E. P. Clmin? and Mr. Roberts joined the Red Cross this evening    (I washed   to - day??)


      Saturday 22         We scrubbed to-day   Mr. Swartz was here to-day    Mr. Nugent went to the red Cross at Mt. Idaho   We all went to the harvest feast at the Hall   I spent a pleasant evening   all was pleased.


      Sunday 23         We went to Sunday school   Mother went to church   I got dinner? to-day.   Mother Francis and I went to Mrs. Hills and had a very pleasant time.  I saw Edward and his brother but not to speak to them.  I went by and got Lizzie Riebold to go to Sunday school.  Mr. Serge and Mr. Coresh? took supper with us this evening.  he has not been here for very near a year befor it.   Grant went to church this evening   Mr. Euric is here at present.  Mr. George Shearer was here this morning.


      Monday 24         We washed   Mr. Robie went to town.   Leroy Gordon was here.  Ted Shissler took dinner with us  Harry  George Shearer? was here also  (??) afternoon   Mr.  ???? this evening.  (sorry, this entry is not readable on my copy. You will have to decipher)




      Tuesday 25               Mr. Eckles took dinner with us to-day.  Mother bought some apples from Mr. Mortin?


      Wensday 26th       Mr. Robie commenced to oil? the house   John Crea was here this morning    to-day is mothers birth day   Tom made her a present of a set of colars and cuffs.


      Thursday 27th       Mrs. Swarts  Dela Ward?  Birdie also Robert Neugent was here on their way to the party at Mt. Idaho   Mother bought some Corn Meal   Jake came from Mrs. Morrises this morning.  Grant and Addie, Tom Pearson and I went to Maggie Robinsons  Lizzie Leroy George also was there  Maggie gave a Thanksgiving dinner for her sabbath school class   We spent a very pleasant Evening   Mr. Euric was here   Mr. Large came from Mt. Idaho here to-day  Addie fell in the fire place but did not get out before the fire had to burn her  She also went to lift a chare and the back came of.


      Friday 28th             Mr. Watson and Mr. Bushay was here for dinner   Grant went to Red Cross this evening  I did not go   Mr. Euric was here this morning   Addie and I went a sleigh riding with Mike at noon  Alice Crooks is sick   The weather is cold and disagreeable.




Nov 1879

      Saturday 29th      We scrubbed today   Mr. Sam Large went home this morning   Jake Riley went to Mt. Idaho   Edward McNeir was here this evening.  Francis and I went to practice   Mrs. Rice was here.  I went to Mrs. Crooks this evening to see Addie  She has been sick   Mr. Shumway came   Jim Chamberlin joined the Red Cross   Francis went to Mrs. Yanes   Mr. Smith was here   Univercelest church this evening   Mr. McAllister will preach



      Sunday 29 (sic)      Mrs. and Mr. Chamberlin took supper with us   also Mr. Taylor   Jack and Tom Butter also   Edward took supper   Mr. Harry Wolf and Mr. Ot came here and Mr. Earl   Lizzie Riebold was here   Grant went to Mt. Idaho after some nails and won an eleven dollar cordien for 50 cents.   We went to sabbath school this morning   Mr. Dan Bowers was here and spent the evening    Mr. Joe Bowers a soldier was here and gave us some music on the cordien    we all spent a pleasant evening    A man from Palouse came here   he is selling chickins   Mother got some from him   Mr. Urich and Leroy Gordon was also here




Dec 1879

      Monday 1st        We washed   Mother got her potatoes from Mr. Crooks.   Jake went to Cotton wood this morning   Mr. Dan Bowers was here this morning   All the folks went to church this evening   Charley Robinson came to school today


      Thursday 4th      Mr. Samuel Milbourn and Mr. Charley White came from the river this after-noon   Mr. Urich and Mr. Jack Butter   Mr. and Mrs. Coon came from below to day   We went to Mrs. Yanes this evening and got acquainted with Mrs. Coon.  We had a very good time.


      Friday 5th        Brother Tom was here.  Mr. Taylor and Perry Sherman was here   Grant and I went to Lodge   Mother ironed   It snowed a little this after - noon.


      Saturday 6th        Mr. Robie and Mr. Taylor went to Masonic Lodge this evening   Jake Riley painted the sitting room to-day    Francis and I went to practice to day   We also scrubbed


      Sunday 7       Mrs. Rauch was here and George and Henryettie   John Crea and Urich  Mr. Taylor and Jack Butter was here   Mr. Edward McNeir and Mr. Rochphere and George Shearer also was here  Charley White came      (cont.)





      Dec 7th Sunday         from town   Edward McNeir was here and Mr. taylor and Jack Butler   Mr. Robie also   Mother and Addie went to church.


      Monday 8th              We washed to-day   Jim Fallon was here   Mr. Crooks and George Riggins also   Mrs. Susan Bradley was here.


      Tuesday 9th              George Riggins and Jack Butler was here   Mr. Robie and Mr. Brown went to town this after - noon


      Thursday 11th       August Pope and Mr. Jordan Brown went to Lewiston to-day   Mr. Fredinrige came to board with us to day  Jack Butter took dinner with us


      Friday 12th             Mr. Robert Nugent   Jack is working for Dick Bradley and is boarding with us    Jake Riley painted the sitting room   Charley Coon  Clyde Fountain and John Crea was here and spent the evening


      Sunday 4th              Clyde was here.  Jake went to Mt. Idaho  Ed was here  John Crea also was here   We went to Sunday  school this morning   Mr. Fawny and Brother Tom was here


      Monday 5th              We washed.   John Crea and Mr. Urich was here.  Mrs. Rauch and Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Rice and Nettie and Gurty was here.





      Dec 17th       Samuel Milbourn and Grant? Strobe went to town   Mr. Urich and John Crea was here   Francis and Addie And myself went to see Mrs. Coon and spent a very pleasant hour   Francis went to Mrs. Yane.  Mrs. and  Mr. Swarts Called this evening.


      Thursday 18th      Samuel came from town   Edward hauled a load of wood   Mr. Riggins Shisler and Bradley took dinner here to-day   Brown arrived from below with some freight   It snowed   Mr. Butter Jack Riley and Grant went to writing school


      Saturday 20th      We went to practice and we scrubbed to-day


      Sunday 21st       George Riggins and Jack Butler went to Oro Fino this morning with some pigs   We went to Sunday school  Mr. Hughes was here.


      Monday 22         We washed   The weather is cold   Mother fell in the cellar and heart her foot


      Tuesday 23         The weather is very cold  Miss Gussie Reinhardt was here this evening   I went to practice


      Wensday 24th      Mr. Nugent went to the party and Grant also   Mrs. Rice got the supper   The other men went and  look on a little while.




Dec 1879

      Thursday 25th           Mr. Urich, George, Rochphere, Nugent, Milbourn, Robie, Smith, and Edward McNeir, Brown, Riley, Cone, Fredenrige was here for dinner.  Edward  Also?? Urich spent the evening and Mr. George taught us how to danse some  Clyde Fountain was here and Mr. Byrom this morning.


      Friday 26th             Mr. Coon was here and Mike Crooks.  Mr. Milbourn got a Mr. Crooks sleigh and we went to Mr. Manuels and Mrs. Smith and We went to see Mrs. Eastman and Delia’s also   We had a very good time.  Mrs Bradley was here   Mr. Rochphere and Mr. Urich was here  Edward  Mr McNeir also was here       Mrs. Rauch was here


      Saturday 27               We scrubbed   Mr. George brought us some presents   I went to practice for the Consert a dance at Mr. John’s school house this evening


      Sunday 28               Edward was here and Mr. Urich   We went to Sunday School   I went to Mr. Pearson’s   Mr. Hughes also was here   Jake Riebold came from Warrens today


      Monday 29th       We washed   Mr. George Foss was here and Mr. Joseph McNeir (Ed’s brother).  We all went to the show this evening   It was very good   Miss Frances Yates called   Jack Butter got home this evening


      Tuesday 30th       Mrs. Yane finished my dress.  We practiced for the concert this after-noon. Mr. Urich was here and went to the concert with us, we had a very good time.  There was a very good audiance.




Dec 1880?

      Wensday 31         Mr. Foss and Mr. Joseph McNeir was here this morning they came before we got cleaned up.  Mrs. Yane and Ora and John Crea and Mr. Urich was here  Bob and Mrs. Rice went to the Ball at Mt. Idaho  Robie and Grant finished the kitchen



      Thursday 1st        Mr. Rochphere and Mr. Dick Roberts Mr. Hughes and Mr. Bradley was here   Ed was here for supper and spent the evening   Mother is not very well.


      Friday 2        Jake Riley is working for the Crooks.   We tied a comforter for Mr. Woodward  Mr. Poe, Mr. McNeir called this after-noon    Grant and Frances is sick   Clyde Fountain was here this evening   We ironed this morning


      Saturday 3           I scrubbed this morning    Jake blackened the stove   Earnest Pring was here for dinner   A party was given at Mrs. John Adkinson’s  Brother Jack went to see brother Tom to-day


      Sunday 4th        I went to sabbath school.  The weather is very cold  the snow is deep.. Addie is sick.   I went to see Alice Crooks this evening   Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Bradley went also   Mother went to Mrs. Yanes and to Mrs. Bradley’s   Mr. Urich was




Jan 1880


      Sunday 4th        this evening.   Frances is not very well   Clyde was here this evening also   Mr. Robie put the pictures up


      Monday 5th        We washed to-day   I went to practice and to see Mrs. Hill   Mr. Joel called this morning.  (inkblot probably says Addie) Addie is sick and Grant also  Walter Fen is not expected to live   Mr. Urich is here at present and the folks are playing cards


      Tuesday 6           Grant is very sick and Frances is sick again  The wind is blowing fearfully   it blew the flume down this morning   Mr. Crooks and Mr. Hughes was here this after-noon   Mrs. Rice was here evening   Very near all people from here went to the Ball at Camp Howard    Mr. Urich  John and Clyde was here this after-noon   Jake borrowed a paper from Ed’s brother, the evening star.  Jack went to town for the Dr.  Samuel and I was playing fox and geese and I win every one    played 10 games


      Wensday 7th      Dr. Morris was here this morning to see Grant and Frances and Addie.  The wind is blowing very hard.  Mr. Robie and Jack and Mr. Urich is working on the flume.  Clyde Fountain and John Crea  Mr. Joel  Mr. and Mrs Caimbrige was here  I win 5 games from Jack   (cont.)






      Wensday 7           and 4 from Sam Berk went to town and back   Mr. Hughes (sentence not finished)


      Thursday 8           Samuel Milbourn went to the river this morning   Berk also went home  Mr. Urich was here this    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and Miss Markham to see Grant   I finished my apron   Ed is here at present.  he took supper with us this evening   Grant got a letter form Will ?  Orchard   I went to practice   It snowed last night   Mr. Hughes was here this evening   Mr. Swarts took supper with us


      Friday 9th        Mrs. Rice and Gurty was here    Clyde and Mr. Fawny was here this morning   I did not go to school this week   I went to the store and got a pair of shoes   I also went to Mrs. Rice’s   Jake painted the pantry    The wind is blowing   Jim Crooks was here this evening    Mr. Crooks were here this morning to get Bob to go and hunt cattle for him.


      Saturday 10         Mr. Shumway called this morning  he was down and  sit up with Mr. Markham last night   he has got a very sore hand   he is out of his head all the time   I mopped the sitting room and kitchen   Francis scrubbed the pantry   Mr. Hall and mr. Williams was here this after - noon there will be a public installation in the grange this evening




Jan 1880

      Saturday 10th      Jake Hicks went to town and got drunk   L. P. Brown hit him with a polker and cut a great gash in his head


      Sunday 11th      (unreadable my copy???) and Mr. Urich and Clyde was here  Robie and Urich went to see Mr. Markham


      Monday 12         We washed    Grant and Francis went to school   Addie Pearson is sick with (ink blot)...ndas Mr. Urich was here    Jake painted the pantry.


      Tuesday 13         Mr. Brown and Mr. Crooks was here   Jake is painting a checker board for Mr. Clark   Bob and Joe McNeir hauled a load of hay    Mrs. Susan Bradley was here   I brought Mrs. Hanes baby carriage home from the hall   Mrs. Swarts came up and is at Mrs. Yanes  Jack and Grant went to writing school.


      Wensday 14         I went to see Addie Pearson   Tom is sick also.  Mr. Urich was here this evening


      Thursday 15         Mr. Grear and Harry Cone came from Slate Creek   Mr. Grear stepped off from the porch at Mr. Clarks and  bruised his arm very bad   it was dark and he could not see.  Ed was here and spent the evening   Edward and Mr. Brown and Jake and Grant had a game of whist.




Jan 1880

      Friday 16       I went to Red Cross this evening   Grant and Harry also went   Bert and Perry Sherman came from Lewiston this afternoon  Mr. Jim Crooks and wife gave a candy pulling last night   Mr. Crooks was here   the weather has been very disagreeable the past? few weeks


      Saturday 17      Perry went to town this morning   Bert and Pell went home this morning   I scrubbed this morning   Mr. Gordon was here this morning    Nathan Earl and Mr. George Foss was here this evening  We went to practice this afternoon



      Sunday 18         Mr. Grear and Mr. Hughes and Mr. Foss was here this afternoon   Mr. Grear took supper with us   Mr. Urich was here this evening   We all went to sabbath school  To-day and yesterday were beautiful   the sun shone so warm   John Crooks came to see Harry to-day   Clyde was here this morning   Grant  Harry  Jack and Gilbert Mr. Nugent went to church   Francis Addie and I went to see Mrs. Yane this afternoon   Mr. Crooks was here this evening   Bill Anderson came here this afternoon  He gave us a box of apples.  Mr. Robie went to his ranch  it was all there (cont.)





Jan 19, 1880

      Mon 19th       Mother and I washed  I went to see Mrs. Rauch this evening   Jim Fallom was here   Ella Fairfield came to school   Mrs Emma Bence  Harry went to town  Mrs. Gordon was here


      Tuesday  20         I went to Mr. Jim Crooks to see Addie Pearson  I also took supper with them  Clyde was here  Mr. Brown and Jack a load of wood to Tom butter (or brother).  Mr. Markham came here this evening   Jack and Grant went to writing school   Addie Brown took first prize   Dr. Morris was here for supper


      Wensday 21st      Mr. Binnard   Crooks  Talkinton  Gordon  Rochphere was here   I did not go to school   I was to Mrs. Rauch’s    Mr. Wells got on a wild horse and the horse fell on him and hurt him very bad    Mrs. Yane and Mother went to see Mrs. White   Jack Butter and Mr. Brown came back from Toms  Fred Rice is very sick   Jack and  Grant went to writing school


      Thursday  22      Tom Pearson took first prize  Jack Butter second  Bill schmadeki third in writing school


      Friday 23rd       Miss Holahan and Mrs Titman and Mr. Woodward and Beaum and Jim Crooks Jack Butter and Mr. Welch joined the Red Cross   Mrs. Hall Miss Gussie      (cont.)




      Jan 1880

      (cont.)      Reinheart and I played some music  also Alice Crooks


      Saturday 24      Harry and Charley Cone went to the River  We scrubbed   Mr. Hughes


      Sun  25th       Sam Large and Clyde and Mrs. Crane was here this afternoon  Mrs Crane and Edward was here for supper  Ed did not stay long  he was in a hurry   Mr. Urich was here  Grant went to the raffle


      Monday 27th      Bob took Mr. Grear and Large to the foot of the grade  We washed  Mr. Urich was here this evening   Mr. Large and George Grear were on their way to Slate Creek   The weather is disagreeable


      Wensday 28         The weather is disagreeable  John Crea was here this morning


      Thursday 29      (no entry)


      Friday 30       Robert Nugent Jack Butter Grant and I went to R. C.   there were some? from Mt. Idaho   We had a splendid time


      Sat 31               We scrubbed    Jake Riebold is here  I went to practice  Charley Cone  was here this morning




Feb 1 1880

      Sun 1st        We went to Sunday school  Tom Aram Mr Crooks and Jake Riebold was here this afternoon  Jake stayed here last night with Grant   Edward came here this afternoon  he spent the evening with us  the men went to church


      Mon 2d         We washed     I was to see Mrs. Hill and Lizzie   Mr. Brown went to work for Jake Crooks.  Mr. Urich went to Clear Watter.  Rogers came here   Mr. Johnston was here.


      Tues 3d         Mr. Urich was here  he got back from the River to-day    Joseph McNeir was here   we thought he was going to stay for supper but he went when we did not know it   Bob and Jack hauled some hay.


      Wens 4th        Mr. Swarts was here  Bob and Jack went to collect some money down on the other side of the prairie  Charley White was here this evening  Mr. Robie finished my bedroom


      Thurs 5th        Charley White has taken the mumps


      Friday 6        Miss Florence and Mary Yates was here this morning  they come down for to go with me to the Lodge   Jack and Bob was to go along  We all started and      (cont.)






      Friday 6th        Bob and Jack had their overshoes to put on  we told them to hurry up and we also waited fore them   was afraid we would be late and we off and left them.


      Sat 7th        We scrubbed to day   We went to practice and went to Mrs. Hills  I took the mumps this afternoon


      Sun 8th        Mr. Urich was here for dinner  Francis went to Sabbath School  Mr Webber was here for dinner   Mr. George Foss was riding a wild horse and he got throwed and the horse got away  he then took Hack hores and Bobs saddle to hunt for the hores  and has not got back yet.   Ed was here this morning and stayed all evening  he and Addie played all evening  she enjoyed it so much    Charley Wilson came from the river this afternoon  A box of apples was sent to me from Slate Creek.   Jack --


      Mon 9           Last night Mr. Foss was out hunting for his hores and got off of Jacks horse to fix the saddle and he got a way from him and he was left a foot


      Tues 10th       Miss Reinhardt was here to see us     She has taken the mumps    the weather is dissagreeable   Mr. Urich was here this evening




Feb 1880

      Wens 11th       Mother and Frances washed    Mr. Robie went to Salmon River this morning  Jack came from Tom’s this morning but went back again   Frankie was to Mrs. Hall’s


      Thur 12th       Mr. Darr from Genessee came here  he is an old friend of ours.   he left here some two and a half years ago and he has come back for to buy som get some horses from Mr. Crooks.  Mr. Little was also was here   Mr. Urich was here


      Fri 13         Grant went to Red Cross this evening   John Crea and Mr. Hughes was here to-day


      Sat 14               John Crea was here  Grant  Mother  Francis  Addie and myself got some Valentines.  Francis and I got two a piece.  We went to practice.


      Sun 15         Mr. Hughes was here   We went to Sabbath School   Robert Nugent came from the river this morning  It is storming fearfully this morning   Mr. Crooks also was here this afternoon.  Mr. Urich also was here


      Mon 16         We washed   Jack came from Toms   Mr. Carry Mr. Otterson  Mr. Joe McNeir Mr. Coram was here this evening.  We had a very good time   Bob killed Rover.  I went to practice.  It snowed today.



Feb 1880

      Tues 17th       Mr. Otterson and Joseph McNeir and Mrs. Rach and family was here.  Mr. Reynolds Jack went to Tom’s this afternoon.


      Wens 18th       Mr. Darr started for home this morning   Mr. Ben Morris was here today  Mr. Large came from the river   Mr. Urich and Mr. James Carry also was here    Again it snowed


      Thurs 19th       Mr. Urich called this evening   Bob came Back from Mr. Swartz’s to day    We has such a good time at school today  I got another valentine this morning


      Friday 20th       Mrs. Rauch and her children and Mrs. Bradley was here this afternoon.


      Sat 22         Mr. Rochphere and Mr. Hughes was here this afternoon   The weather is very fine  Mother and Jack Butter went buggie riding.  Francis and I went to Mrs. Swarts with Robert Nugent.  This evening Edward McNeir and Mr. Carey was here this evening.


      Mon 23d        Robert Nugent went to Mt. Idaho to the ball  Tom Butler was here   We washed to day



Feb 1880

      Mon 23         Jack took Brother Tom home and brought him back again  The weather is very good


      Tues 24         Grant is very sick with the mumps.  Mrs. Rice was here this afternoon  also Charley Robinson.  I went to Episcopal service with Mrs. Rice.  Jack and Bob went to church also.


      Wens 25       The weather is very cold   Mr. Urich was here this evening.  Dr. Nevious? will preach at Mt. Idaho this evening.


      Thurs 26th       Dr. Nevious held service here this evening   Mr. Chapman came here this morning   We had not seen him since the spring of  77  he has been away.


      Friday 27       I went to Red Cross with Charley Robinson this evening   Johney Byrom was here for supper and Mr. (sentence not finished)    Mr Add Chapman came here to board.


      Sat 28         Mrs. White called to see Grant  also Mrs. Rauch and Mr. Urich  I went to practice  Mr. Rochphere was here  I went to Mrs. Rauchs   Brown went   Mr. Jack Crooks   Mr. Hughes was here


      Sun 29th       Charley Rochphere and Charley Robinson was here this morning   there was a sabbath school this morning   Mr. Carry was here this evening.  I went to Mr. White’s and Frankie went to Mrs. Yanes.  Mr. Lain also was here   the weather is very dissagreeable




      Tues 2           Chapman was here


      Wens 3rd        Mr. Chamberlain Tom Pearson and John Crooks was here this evening


      Thurs 4th        I went to the store and to Mrs. Yanes   Mr. Rochphere was here   We all went to the Old Folks concert this evening   John Crea and Mrs. Rice was here.


      Friday 5th        Addie Pearson has got the mumps   Mr. Hughes and Mr. Urich was here


      Sat 6th        We scrubbed   Charley Rochphere was here   We went to Practice   the weather is very cold   Mr. Hughes was  --    I went to Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Titmans..   her little baby has the mumps.


      Sun 7                 We went to sabbath school   Frankie went to Mrs. Yanes   Edward McNeir spent the evening with us   Mr. Smith and Mr. Rochphere and Mr. Urich was here this evening  Robert Nugent went to Mr. Raney’s place.


      Mon 8th        We washed   Bob came back from Mr. Raney’  Miss Reinhardt and Mr. Rochphere was here  Mr. Chapman went to Mt. Idaho




(Abruptly the Diary Entries End )  (About six weeks after this last entry in March her mother married Mr. Edward Robie at their home in Grangeville, by Wm. A. Hall)






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