The Benedict and Robie Families were very prominent in the early history of Idaho County.  Deb Starr has sent me numerous items that I have added to this county site.  I will try to add more of her family information here as time permits. 

I have put some of these files in pdf format.  Acrobat Adobe reader is required to view them.




Biography of Samuel Benedict - From Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society
Biography of Edward Robie - From Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society
Interview with Alice Robie Russell - July 9, 1957                                   Submitted by Deb Starr
Salute to Grant Benedict - By J. Loyal Adkison                                      Submitted by Deb Starr
News Article about John H. Chase                                                        Submitted by Deb Starr
Death of E.W. Robie                                                                            Submitted by Deb Starr
Family Group Sheets                                                                           Submitted by Deb Starr
Postcard to Miss Belle Benedict                                                        Submitted by Penny Casey
Slate Creek Stockade                                                                          Submitted by Deb Starr
Indian Uprising Story by Mrs. Schissler                                                Submitted by Deb Starr
Benedict Diary                                                                                    Submitted by Deb Starr






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