Submitted by Carol Anglen

Walked in 2002

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CRAIG Lizzie . 4 Dec 1920 .
ELLENWOOD Earnest . 26 oct 1908 'Age 26 years'
ELLENWOOD Mary Ellen Eisele . Nov. 22, 1989 .
ELLENWOOD Eugene E 9 Oct 1903 30 Aug 1985 'Five Nations' (stone depicts a bighorn sheep)
JACKSON Shirley A 18 Jan 1934 6 May 1963 'wife-Mother' 'I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2'
KUL-KUL-TAM Stephen . 3 May 1917 'Age 80 Years' (this large stone is off its base in 2002)
MORRIS Johnson 8 Apr 1885 1 May 1895 (this huge stone is still intact on its base in 2002)
MORRIS Martha . 13 Jun 1967 'Aged 86 Years - Grandmother'
MORRIS Susie . 29 Oct 1902 'Age 67 years' (this stone is off its base in 2002)
PARSONS Amelia May 1888 1 Mar 1911 'wife of William parsons' (stone is down in 2002)
SLICKPOO Mary Lily Nov 1871 6 Feb 1944 'HIN-MUT-TOE-LALIKA-TSUT'
SMITH Samson . 21 Nov 1913 'Met his death accidentally' (this obelisk stone is off its base in 2002)
STEPHENS Almeta 2 Oct 1891 9 Nov 1987 'HII YUUM TA MOXA LAKYT'
STWYER George S 1843 1924 .
WHEELER Lizzie 7 Oct 1895 6 Oct 1903 .
WHEELER Matthias 19 Jan? 1905 19 Jan 1909 (this stone is very hard to read)
WHEELER Oscar David 1910 1933 'Brother'



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