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Burials Prior to 1920

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The following burial record was contributed by Chris Cornett, with the following notes:

I have reason to believe the listing was written by Mrs. Iver Longteig, as other cemetery material in my possession has her name on them.  The other material is dated from the 1970's.  I have researched the names listed as well as the family of Richard Cooper and included it here*. By the end of my research, I realized Mrs. Longteig did obtain the list from Sister M. Alfreda's book as noted below and can only hope this little still does have a fence around it.

When referring to the Idaho County Free Press (ICFP), my resource is Carol Anglen's book Idaho County "News" 1886-1903.

Chris Cornett - November 2008

*2009 - This people that own this property now do not want anyone visiting.  The previous owner took out all of the markers.


Rogge, Albert Died 27 November 1891 five miles northwest of Keuterville, aged about 30 years.  The deceased came to Idaho County a little over a year ago and was a brother to Fred w. Rogge.  He leaves a widow to mourn his loss.  ICFP-04 December 1891; obtained from Keuterville Kronicles
Jogan, Mrs. No information located
Denham, Daniel Did not locate any information regarding his death at this time
Cooper, Mrs. Richard Sr. In reading Volume II of Pioneer Days of Idaho County  by Sister M. Alfreda Elsensohn, this could be Richard's first wife, Julia, who may have died during or after childbirth.  This is only speculation on my part based on the information found.
Girl - Cooper Daughter of Ben Cooper.  According to the 1910 census, Benjamin and Frances had two daughters, Glady, 3 and Goldy 0.  Benjamin R. Cooper died 26 November 1941 and is buried in the Cottonwood City Cemetery.
Son - Cooper Son of R.P. Cooper.  There is note of a son being born to the wife of Richard Cooper on 07 April 1887, ICFP - April 18, 1887.  Since he and Lodema did not marry until 1888, I would surmise the mother to be Julia.
Child - Stonestreet Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Stonestreet lost three children.  The first child was born 14 march 1893 but lived only a few hours; the second child was stillborn 13 January 1894; the third child died 06 March 1895, about 10 days old of strangulation. ICFP
Child - Stonestreet See Above notes
Chase, Myrtle Myrtle Adele Chase died 29 December 1891 near Keuterville, the daughter of Ernest and Nancy Chase, aged three years, four months and seven days. ICFP 8 January 1892
Baby - Rogge Rogge Family - Died two miles west Keuterville, of pneumonia, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Rogge, aged about eight months.  The remains interred at the Cooper Cemetery near here. ICFP 12 January 1894 (KK).  (Fred W. Rogge is married to Mary E. Cooper)
White, Ned No information located
Unknown No information
Unknown  No information

*History of North Idaho, 1903 – Richard P. Cooper has resided in Idaho county for nearly a quarter of a century and much earlier than that did he first come to this favored section, and he should surely be classed with the building of the county and its wealth.  He was born in Kentucky on April 15, 1841, the son Covington and Cynthia (Moupin) Cooper, natives of Kentucky and born in 1805 and 1810, respectively.  The father came to Missouri in 1843 and farmed there until his death in 1850.  The mother died in California in 1890.  Our subject was educated in the public schools and in 1854 crossed the plains to California, the family all coming then.  The next year he started the battle of life for himself and continued to work for wages until he was twenty.  Then he took up stock raising and in 1862, he came to Florence, it being the time of the gold excitement.  Returning to California he took a pre-emption and raised sheep until 1880, when he sold out and came thence to Camas prairie.  July 17, of that year he landed here and bought a quarter section north of Crooks street.  He sold to Seth Jones in 1885 and removed north of Keuterville, and spent the summers there but the winters on the Salmon.  Finally he bought his present place, one mile northwest from Keuterville.  Mr. Cooper had two hundred and eighty acres of land and he does a general farming business and raises stock.  He makes a specialty of sheep and has some fine specimens, especially of the Rambouillet breed.  He has two rams of this well known breed that are as fine as any in this section of the country and he takes great pains to raise the best of animals and is successful in his efforts.  Mr. Cooper has the following brothers and sisters: John, George, Robert, deceased, Joseph, Mary Silvers, James, Adam.

On August 7, 1888, Mr. Cooper married Miss Lodema, daughter of Gabriel and Mary G. (Brown) Church, born in Wilkes county, North Carolina, in 1823 and 1825, respectively.  They were farmers in that state and the father died in 1885 and the mother on February 10, 1881.  Mrs. Cooper was born in Wilkes county, North Carolina, on July 7, 1855, and has the following brothers and sisters: Martha Brown, Levy A., Mary J. Vanoy, Alzina Eller, Ely, Emeline.  Six children were born to this union: Mathilda A., born February 26, 1867; Mary E. Rogge, born January 10, 1870; Benjamin R., born July 6, 1875; Ida B., born April 6, 1877 and died in October, 1883; Peter R., born October 6, 1879; Matie D. Andrews, born February 11, 1881.  Mr. Cooper and his wife are strong Republicans and he is a member of the I. O. O. F.

“Pioneer Days in Idaho County”, Volume I, by Sister M. Alfreda Elsensohn:  “ An excerpt from the Nuxoll Letters, [July 25, 1886]: Our neighbor Mr. Cooper, received $600 cash for wool yesterday.  In a month, he will shear his flock again.  He has a thousand sheep of his own, and takes care of another thousand for Mr. Brown, receiving half in payment.  It is only two years since he entered the sheep industry and he has already cleared $1500 this fall.  That certainly is making good money.

  It might be remarked here that the Cooper family had lived in the county for some time.  Dick Cooper moved to the present Charles Poxleitner place, northwest of Keuterville, about 1885, and was prominent in Keuterville history for many years.  His sons, Ben and Dick Cooper, are also frequently mentioned in the annals of the community.”

  [April, 1887]  ….Our neighbor, Mr. Cooper, did not feed his sheep at all and did not lose even eight per cent.  He has 300 spring lambs in his flock now.”  (Referring to the type of winter they endured) pages 491-492.

  “Pioneer Days in Idaho County”, Volume II, page 110: “Grave Creek rises on the south slope of Cottonwood Butte from a spring on the Poxleitner place, about a half mile from the Keuterville church.  Richard Cooper settled at Keuterville in 1883 and is responsible for the name Grave Creek.  He named it from the fact that a miner was buried about fifty feet from the first Catholic church, not far from the head of the creek.  The miner was frozen to death and his two companions had their feet frozen, but they did not die from the effects.  They were taken to Lewiston where they had their feet amputated and each was thereafter know as “Peg”.

  About 1946, in digging on his land at Keuterville, Henry Uhlenkott thought he had located the remains of this deceased miner.  It was approximately 1920 when C. J. Poxleitner and family bought the Cooper place northwest of Keuterville from Mr. Tallman.  On a previous occasion Tallman had tried to sell the place and had failed because the wife of the prospective buyer objected to the cemetery on the property.  He, Tallman, had burned the little white fences around each grave.  The graves are about a quarter of a mile away from the site of the former Helm sawmill, on the hillside.  Bark from the early sawmill operations was still evident on the sawmill site in 1942.

  When the Poxleitners came into possession of the place in 1920 they placed a fence around the cemetery.  Mrs. Dick Cooper gave Mr. Poxleitner the names of most of the thirteen buried there: Albert Rogge, Mrs. Jogan, Dan Denham, Mrs. Dick Cooper, Sr., a daughter of Ben Cooper, a son of R. P. Cooper, two Stonestreet children, Myrtle Chase, Baby Rogge, and Ned White.”



Mary E. Cooper married Fred W. Rogge 24 November 1885, Idaho County; #70422, v1p38.

Matie D. (Della) married Eugene Andrews 28 November 1900 at Keuterville; #70886, v2p155.

Benjamin R. Cooper married Frances G. Church 12 March 1903 at Keutervile; #71726, v2p249.

Peter Richard Cooper married Edith Wright 15 December 1909 at Grangeville; #72738, v2p584



According to information I located at Online Washington Deaths, 1907-1960,  Richard P. (Pierce) Cooper died at Goldendale Klickitat, WA ,  05 February 1932 at the age of 90 years, nine months and 21 days.

Lodema Cooper, died 05 December 1940 at Goldendale, Klickitat, WA at the age of 85 years, four months and 28 days.   


ICFP, Thusday, March 7, 1946:  P. Richard Cooper, Victim of Influenza

 Peter Richard Cooper, who entered General hospital last Friday, March 1, suffering from influenza pneumonia, passed away the following morning, March 2.

  He was born October 6, 1879 in Cloverland, Calif., and came to Idaho, with his parents when one year old.  The family located on Grave creek, south of Cottonwood where they operated a stock ranch.

  On December 15, 1909, he was married to Miss Edith Wright in Grangeville.  They moved to Keuterville to make their home where Mr. Cooper carried the mail for several years.  In 1929 they moved to Stites where they had since made their home.

  In addition to his widow, he is survived by one son, Virgil Cooper, of Stites, one daughter, Mrs. Jessie Lynn, Harpster; one sister Mrs. Ella Bennett, Lebanon, Oregon and two grandchildren, Dorothy Lucile and Clarence Cooper of Stites.

  Funeral services were held Tuesday, March 5 at 2p.m. at the Hancock chapel with Rev. Wm. E. Harrison officiating.   Music was furnished by Mrs. Esther Pearson.  Pallbearers were John Baldwin, C. A. Johnson, Harry Kennedy, Harry McCargar, Raymond Bartlett and Tom O’Hern.   Burial was in the Cottonwood Protestant cemetery.




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