These photos were taken in 1986. 

Contributed by Penny Bennett Casey

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Only Baby buried in cemetery

H.J. Talbotte (Cherokee Bob)

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 I was always told that everyone in the Florence Cemetery were buried with their boots on, except for the "Baby".  Also, legend has it that the "Good Guys" were buried pointing East and West so they could see the sun come up and go down; and the "Bad Guys" were buried pointing North and South.  Don't know how much truth there was to it, but it made for a good story! There are empty graves in the cemetery from the Chinese exhuming their relatives bodies in later years and sending them back home to China.

The following is a  listing of known burials in the cemetery.

Anderson, Nels W.    D. March 15, 1911, aged 48 yrs.  Native of Sweden
"Baby" - this grave is of an infant girl buried in the early 1860's.  Said to be the first person buried in the cemetery "without" their boots on.  I was told this may be the daughter of Samuel and Delia Applegate.  No proof has been found of this information.
Bannard, George   D. October 24, 1879, aged 58 yrs.  Native of New York
Billings, Albert    D.  July 13, 1862, aged 4 yrs.
Dunn, Daniel    D. July 1918, Native of Nova Scotia
Hopwood, William    D. January 1898
Morris, J. B.    D.  June 1900.  Livery Stable and Post master and Florence
Mosier, James    D.  September 1910, aged 46 yrs.
Neselroade, G.   D.  July 29, 1862, aged 48 yrs.  Native of Ohio
P.M.G.   Only letters on the headstone
Seaburg, Charlie (maybe John)    D.  November 1918  of exposure.  Remains found in 1931
Scott, Newt   D.  November 11, 1897
Scott, Sylvester or Savester    D.  January 1862  Native of Kentucky.  Killed in gunfight.
Talbot, H.J. (Cherokee Bob)  D.  January 5, 1863   Aged 29   Native of Georgia




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