Hillcrest Cemetery




AKA: County Cemetery, County Burial Plot, Poor Farm Cemetery
Near Grangeville, Idaho County, Idaho
Est. November 20, 1937.

The legal description is as follows: NW1/4 SE1/4 SEC. 21,
T. 30 N.R.3E. B.M. Idaho County, Idaho.
Surveyed and platted November 18-20, 1937 by Walter Hovey Hill, 
Licensed Civil Engineer - C.E. 102).

This cemetery is approximately 2 miles east of Grangeville, Idaho on Highway 13, as you head towards the Harpster Grade. The Plat shows it to be 62 ft. wide x 304 ft. in depth. There were 105 
original burial sites platted, but only 24 have been used. The original records were found to be in the Idaho County Courthouse, along with the original plat. 

In September 1990, Betty Litchfield met with the County Commissioners about cleaning up the old cemetery. The following weekend , Idaho County Commissioner Harry Owens, Idaho County Sheriff Randy Baldwin and Grangeville resident Floyd Litchfield cleaned up the cemetery. Harry Owens, Floyd Litchfield and Clara Smith all donated money to help pay for the backhoe work that needed to be done. They also all donated paint for the sign that was donated. A family that has a relative buried there donated the sign. I do not know who this family was, if anyone out there does, please forward it so that we can give them credit and thank them. 

There were once wooden markers, but they have not survived the yearly burnings of the wheat fields. Some of the graves now have metal plates marking the graves, I have taken photos of a few of them.  As of August 12, 1993, the Grangeville Cemetery District took the cemetery into their District and will take care of the upkeep.  The graves are now all marked with numbers. Most of the burials there were from the County Poor Farm, which was right down the road, but there were also a few other burials. The first burial was in January 1938, the last known in 1943 (still researching). Does anyone out there know why they stopped using it? I have found 8 obituaries showing burials here . As I get more from the Idaho County Free Press I will add them. The first 15 burials are along the east side of the fence. There are three graves in the middle and then one more that we are unsure of it's placing.  Some of the original research was completed by Clara Smith. There has since been more research done by Betty Farris Litchfield and myself, Penny Bennett Casey. 

There is a copy of the Plat and records at Nolan Funeral Home in 
Grangeville, at the Genealogical Society in SLC ,  and also with Mike Bear, the 
Sexton of the Grangeville Cemeteries. 

**Please note: Even though someone may have been buried at this cemetery, it did not necessarily mean they lived at the Poor Farm.  This cemetery was also just a county plot.  So listings here and obituaries on the Poor Farm page may be different. Please check both places if you are trying to find someone. 

Information has recently came to my attention that there was at one time marble headstones for some of the burials, but the original land owner took them out and farmed the ground.  It is rumored that he used the stones in the foundation of his old barn.  So, they may still be around.  It would be wonderful if we could find them.  I know where they were placed, so will do some research with the owner of the property and keep you informed.


The photos are watermarked.  If you are a family member and would like a "clean" photo please send me an email and I would be happy to provide you with one for your records.  

Click on the photos for larger views

The burials are not in alphabetical order.  They are in the order they are in the row.


Last Name First Name Born Died Notes Photo
1 Schworer Joe (Trapper Joe) Nov 18, 1858 Jan. 4, 1938 

This was the first burial in the new County Cemetery.

 Ailor Funeral Home records state he was age

 79 yrs, 1mos, 13 days old Obituary

Swhover-joe.jpg (546110 bytes)

2 Schullen Carl    July 5, 1938  

Schullen-carl.jpg (611629 bytes)

3 Bausher (Bousher) Henry  

 Aug. 26, 1938   


Bousher-henry.jpg (529596 bytes)

4 Hock (Hawk) Joe (Charles) 1880  Oct. 12, 1938

This is believed to be Charles Hawk.  Ailor Funeral Home records say the death date was Oct. 13, 1938  Obituary 

Hock-joe.jpg (667288 bytes)

5 Milton Jack Nov. 19, 1873

 Oct. 18, 1938

Ailor Funeral Home records state his birth date, and born at Bartlett, Texas. He was a resident of Stites, Idaho


Milton-jack.jpg (550574 bytes)

6 Rice Herbert 1861 May 18, 1939 Born in Vermont

Rice-herbert.jpg (548852 bytes)

7 Adamson Jonathan "Jack" Jan. 20, 1871  Aug. 8, 1939 Born in Kentucky (date on marker is incorrect, that is the date he was buried.)  He was 68 years old.

Adamson-jack.jpg (438547 bytes)

8 Swasey John Abt. 1876

Dec. 7, 1939


Swasey-john.jpg (612997 bytes)

9 Stewart George Abt. 1854  Dec. 18, 1939


Stewart-geo.jpg (442556 bytes)

10 Baur James    Feb. 13, 1940  

Baur-james.jpg (484747 bytes)

11 Capwell George    May 15, 1940  

Capwell-geo.jpg (508234 bytes)

12 Gebert (Gibbert) John 1857  May 23, 1940

Age 83    

Born in Ohio


Gibbert-john.jpg (470487 bytes)

13 Mulolland (Mulballand) Infant    
Ailor Funeral Home records state this child was born and died at Orogrande, Idaho.

Mulballand-infant.jpg (604779 bytes)

14 Leitch Allen   June 10, 1940  

Leitch-allen.jpg (514147 bytes)

15 Halford Charles    July 9, 1940  

Halford-charles.jpg (598821 bytes)

16 Mulolland (infant) Infant 1940 Aug. 27, 1940 
Ailor Funeral Home records state this child was born and died at Orogrande, Idaho. Father Peter Mulolland, Mother Freda Halfer.

Mulballand-inf.jpg (550812 bytes)

17 Schrader John      

Schrader-john.jpg (611357 bytes)

18 Crook Berk      

Berk-crook.jpg (493562 bytes)

19 Gribi Frederick   March 29, 1941  

Gribe-Frederick.jpg (543154 bytes)

20 Mitchell David Leonard Aug. 24, 1869 Sept. 30, 1941 Born in Switzerland

Mitchell-david.jpg (652462 bytes)

middle Potter James 1873 Apr. 2, 1943 Born in Kansas


Potter-james.jpg (569827 bytes)

middle Gribbe (Gribi) Ernest 1867 March 23, 1943 76 years old       Born in Switzerland

Gribi-ernest.jpg (534901 bytes)

middle Unknown        

Unk.jpg (525692 bytes)

21 Unknown        

Unknown.jpg (526986 bytes)

  Coolidge James S.   Nov. 4, 1944 This came from the Ailor Funeral Home records.  This person was not in the courthouse records.  He was 69 years old.  Could possibly be one of the "unknowns"  



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