Idaho County Poor Farm


Portions of the following information were taken from the records at the Idaho County Courthouse in conjunction with the Hillcrest Cemetery, aka Poor Farm Cemetery or County Plot.

The Poor Farm was located on what is known as the Poor Farm road, it is just past the cemetery on the right..  It runs between highway 13 and highway 12 at Mt. Idaho.  The road is still in use today.  

You will find on this page, newspaper tidbits, census records, burial records, a link to the Poor Farm Cemetery,  Idaho Poor law information and a poem written about Poor Houses.  I hope you enjoy this page.  There has not been very much information found about the Grangeville Poor Farm.  

If you have anything you would like to share, please email me.  I would be happy to add more history to the website.


Owners and Keepers of the Poor Farm Newspaper Tidbits
Census Records of the Poor Farm Poor Farm Cemetery - aka Hillcrest Cemetery
Poor Farm Deaths Poor House Law in Idaho
Poem - Over the Hill to the Poor House .

Reality of Poor Farm Conditions

During the time of the Poor Farms, or Poor Houses, as they were called; most  practiced  under the same operational guidelines.  The owners leased them out to the “Lowest Bidder”, who would provide the individuals housed there with the cheapest facilities, food and medical care that could be obtained.  There were “committees” that checked on the conditions of poor houses, most of them reporting that the conditions were disgusting and sometimes horrifying. 






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