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MATTOX Beldora C. (Dazey) 1859 1950 Wife of W.W. Mattox.  After his death seh married Mr. Dazey, who is buried in Denver Cemetery
MATTOX John C 1883 1907 'Son'
MATTOX W.W. 1857 1906 'Father'
MAXWELL . . 21 Sep 1918 Death Cert. #22370 - male infant stillborn. Parents Richard Maxwell and Anna Kirby?, both born in Kansas
MAXWELL Martha Mae 7 May 1898 27 Jan 1919 Death Cert. #24302 - Single. Age 20, died of influenza from hear failure and pneumonia and treatment from a "rube doctor". No medical care. Parents: Eldon R? Maxwell and Annie Kirby, both born in Kansas
MITCHELL David M 1838 3 Oct 1924  
MITCHELL Eliza J 16 Feb 1843 23 Mar 1908 (has a footstone also)
RATHBONE G. T. 12 Nov 1816 16 Mar 1901 Born in Crawford Co. Ill (has a footstone also)
WYRICK Mary F . . Age 74
Unknown . . . Grave - upper right (southeast) corner of cemetery marked with a metal funeral home type marker. has iris's growing around it.
Unknown . . . Metal funeral home type marker. Found to the right of the G.T. Rathbone grave
Unknown . . . To the left of Eliza mitchell stone. may be two graves - one a youth and maybe an infant
Unknown . . . To the right of David Mitchell may be another grave


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