Idaho County Free Press

Thursday, July 27, 1911

Purchased Jail Cell

Before adjournment last week the county commissioners contracted for a jail cell of the Pauly Jail building Co. and the same will be placed in the Grabski room, next door to the laundry.  The present county jail was condemned by the grand jury last fall as being unhealthy and unfit as a prison and since then Idaho county has been compelled to keep her prisoners at Lewiston, quite an expense as well as a source of inconvenience.  The cell will be placed in the building by October first and in the future Idaho county will be able to take care of her prisoners at home.

Idaho County Free Press

Thursday, October 5, 1911

New Jail About Completed

The new jail cells, recently ordered by the commissioners are being erected this week in the room of the Grabski building, just east of the courthouse.  The expert from the factory who arrived the last of the week is being assisted by local men and stated to the writer that the cells and corridor will be up and ready for occupancy by the end of the week.  There are four cells and if necessary four prisoners can be placed in each, thus affording room for sixteen.  The structure, which is built of heavy steel sits in the center of the room and it looks as though a man would not be able to make his escape unless furnished with a saw and chisel.  The sheriff's office will be moved from the courthouse to the room occupied by the jail and the necessity of an extra man for jailor be obviated.





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