Lewiston Morning Tribune - January 3, 1931

Lewiston Preacher Travels Cold Road 

Grangeville, January 2 - Central Idaho has her mushing doctors but it remained for the Rev. T.M. Burleson of Lewiston to perform the dual services of pastor and undertaker in an equally notable service connected with the burial of J.D. Monroe at Elk City Wednesday.

Behind four strong horses drawing the double-bobsleigh containing the casket, Mr. Burleson and M.R. Felts rode and walked the distance from Golden to Elk City.  The road was broken all the way but the four foot snow covering littered the road, uphill most of the way.  So difficult was the going that the horses had to be changed at Meadow creek, reached at about 12 o'clock.  The main trip began at Golden at 7:30 a.m. and was not finished until 5:30 o'clock with only an hour rest at Meadow creek.  The difficult part of the trip was from Fall river near Golden. 

Services from City Hall - Funeral services for Mr. Monroe were held from the city hall at Elk city.  Monroe, a veteran miner of the Marshall Lake and Coeur d'Alene districts, died December 19, at Burgdorf where he was brought following an heoric trip with dog team and sled by Dr. Don S. Number of McCall to give him medical attention in the fastnesses of the wilderness.  The body was prepared for burial at Grangeville.  Before the service, Mr. Burleson delivered a New Year's day sermon for the citizens assembled.  Friends of the deceased miner acted as pall bearers.  The body was buried in Elk City Cemetery.

Mr. Felts, who accompanied Mr. Burleson and the casket into Elk City, 12 years ago purchased the Bear Trap ranch from Mr. Monroe and was one of his best friends.



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