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View of Plots.  Very overgrown.  October 9, 2005



  It is in the middle of a field on private property.  Please ask permission if you would like to access it. Over the years, the headstones have been broken and scattered from the cattle.  Chamberlain descendents fenced the area prior to 1990.  But it appears that no other upkeep has been done.   In October of 2005 I visited the graveyard and uncovered two headstones. There is said to be one for Angelitha.  

 There appear to be 7 or 8 burials in the plot.   There are possibly others, besides the Chamberlains buried there though.  Such as, Lyman L. Thomas.  His obituary states that he died at the residence of G.W. Chamberlain.  I have found no other burial for him, so this may be his resting place.  If any relative out there knows of his burial, please let me know. 


Here is a small bit of history taken from the book " Idaho County Voices" on the Chamberlain (Chamberlin) family: 

James Chamberlin was born in 1825 in Indiana.  He was one of 12 children born to William and Esther Hester Chamberlin of Indiana.  James was first married to Mary Ann Nester.  They had one child, Jonathan.  Mary Ann died when the child was 2 years old, in 1848.  In 1849, James married Angelitha Jones.  The family moved to the Camas Prairie about 1871.  All  of the children were born in Indiana, with the exception of William, who was born in Oregon. 

The children's names were as follows:  Jonathon (John), Hannah, Cleantha, Victoria, George, Jerome, James C., Charles, & William.

During the Indian War of 1877, James, Angelitha and their 11 year old son, William, moved to the fort at Mount Idaho for protection.  Their son, Jonathon and his family had gone to Lewiston for supplies and on their return trip, they stopped by the Cottonwood House and learned of the killings on the Salmon River.  They decided to go with the Norton family to Mt. Idaho as well.  On the way, they were attacked by Indians.  Jonathon's wife, Emily was wounded.  She was holding baby Effie, who was only 8 months old, and fell down between the two dead horses.  The story goes that a  farmer by the name of Schwartz found Mrs. Chamberlin the following morning, unable to move.  Baby Effie was said to be sitting in the road with a knife wound through the back of her neck and the cord under her tongue cut.  Mrs. Norton was wounded.  John (Jonathon) Chamberlin, his 3 year old daughter, Hattie and Mr. Norton were all dead.  John and Hattie are buried in the Mt. Idaho cemetery.


James C. Chamberlin June 15, 1861 Feb. 29, 1884 chamberlin3.jpg (180528 bytes)
Hattie Chamberlin Wf. of George Feb. 21, 1857 April 12, 1885 chamberlin4.jpg (198384 bytes)
Angelitha Chamberlin Feb. 11, 1828 1889 Obituary
Lyman L. Thomas Abt. 1850 Dec. 3, 1887 Obituary



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