Murders, Poisonings and Executions in Idaho County

from Area Newspaper Articles

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Benson, O Charles Spaulding
Bishop, John   George Ash
Boyle, W.P.   Snowshoe Brown
Brownlee, George    Thomas Myers
Burlinghoff, Charles  Henry Ray
Chamber, Jack Ellis Church
Chinaman Unknown

Chinaman Hanging 

(Attempt to kill August Berg)

Connors, John   Bill Murphy
Deering, George   Unknown
Wong Goon Yen & Lin Ok Goon Chung Lee
Green, A.D.     J.F. Ailshie (Attorney)

Hambly, Richard

(Duel in Warrens)

Steve Winchester
Hammond, Chas. Fred Anderson
Hanlin, Charles   Tom Little
Hepp   O'brien & Halford
Hibbs, M.R. Joseph Anderson
Hye, Alma Litchfield Frank Hye

Johns, Silas 

(Mysterious disappearance)

Kennedy, Hugh Frank Hye
Kroll, John F. E.H. "Doc" Martin
Larabee, Charles   Jim Long
Long, Christ L.   Bob (Rudolph) Wetter
Mallick, Josephine Gaddy

Mallick Peter

(Peter was murdered by a mob at the jail during trial)

Marcus, Joe H.J. Schmidt
Maughmor, Charles Clifford Riggs
McCloud, Thomas  Dick Crea
Mitchell, Joe   Michael Sweeny & Andrew Porter (Prader)
Morris, Fred Jack Young
Morrison, John L.    Daniel L. McGann
Nevins, John Arthur Freeman (Freeman killed himself after killing Nevins)
Otto    Duncan
Persons, Virginia Missing, Feared Suicide
Rucker, E.C. Samuel M. Pruitt
Russel, Patrick M. Mike L. Murray
Savage, Henry C.  

Theodore Warlick

(First Legal Hanging in Idaho County)

Smith, Joe   Andrew (Andy) Gilbert
Swader, John Unknown
Wahn, Claud Bob (Rudolph) Wetter
Wilson, Jack   Harry Schieler
Williams, George   Harry Schissler
Williams, Henry   Joe Sorrow
Wright, Tennyson    Fred White
VanHorn, Frank Frank Bishop
Yates, Joseph    Peter Walters




JULY 14, 1904

Four victims are dead and a fifth is suffering acutely as the supposed result of eating food impregnated with poison.

The fatalities occurred at Larson's camp on Ruby Creek, near Resort, formerly Miller's camp.  Andrew Larson, L.C. Driggs, and his son, Chas.. Driggs, Mr. Mason and Mr. Syshsers were at work on Larson's mine.  Mr. Syshers was taken ill about three weeks ago, appearing to be suffering from a peculiar malady, aid was secured but the patient continued to grow worse and died in great agony.  

Meanwhile Andrew Larson was stricken.  His symptoms were similar to Syhsers' and everything possible was done to relieve his without avail.  His death occured June 20.

While Andrew Larson was battling with death the mysterious ailment fastened upon the elder Driggs, who was prostrated in precisely the same manner as Syhsers and Larson.  He lingered a few days and followed his companions to the grave.  During the period when L.C. Driggs lay on his death bed, his son, Charles betrayed symptoms of the fatal malady.  Young Driggs expired with 48 hours of his father's death.  

When Mason was taken ill his friends were greatly alarmed, fearing he too, would succumb to the inexplicable visitation.  He was taken to Hot Springs where he rallied and is now greatly improved though still suffering.

Dr. Blake, a physician who is interested in mining properties in the district, examining the food which the victims had partaken and expressed the belief that it contained poison obtained from a South American plant.  How it came to be in the food is a mystery.   

The stomach of the elder Driggs was removed and sent to Boise for chemical analysis, together with a quantity of food taken from the camp supply.  It was found that the necessary tests could not be made in Boise.  Neither can they be made in Moscow, and it is now intended that a chemist in Portland, or some other city shall make the analysis.



AUGUST 18, 1904


The mystery of the poisoning of the miners in Ruby meadows, near Resort, has been cleared up by the chemical analysis of the stomach contents of L.C. Driggs, one of the victims.  The result showed traces of copper, tin and zinc with an abundance of ptomaine alkaloids; death is attributed to the ptomaine poisoning.  Scientists differ on the origin of the poison and various causes are advanced for its presence in canned meats and vegetables.

Great interest was aroused in the camp by the appearance of a clairvoyant, a Mrs.. J. C. Stafford, who was a friend of A.L. Larson, the first victim of the mysterious poisoning.  Mrs.. Stafford prevailed upon the miners to exhume the remains of her friend and in a trance she claimed to have conversed with his soul.






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