The following includes all updates and new additions to the site since 2008
Date Record, Link or Page
3/6/2016 Working on broken links from main page (will continue to work on this)
3/6/2016 Added new photos to French Cemetery
3/2/2016 Added photos and update info for Kip Kip Pelican Cemetery near Kamiah
3/2/2016 Added photos to Litchfield cemetery in Elk City
02/29/2016 Added obituaries for Elk City cemetery burials
02/29/2016 Corrected information & added photos to Elk City cemetery
2/28/2016 Added photos to the Girton Cemetery
3/10/2015 Updated Miller Indian Cemetery and added photos of stones
2/22/2015 List of PIoneer Schools
2/22/2015 The Battle of White Bird Canyon 1877
2/22/2015 Register of Dealers in Meats 
2/21/2015 Some Women Miners
2/21/2015 Will Indexes 1890-1970
4/5/2014 Re-design of Index page - continuing to rebuild the site.
4/2/2014 Grangeville HIgh School - newspapers, annuals, misc.
2/18/2014 Idaho County Ephemera & Old Documents
2/27/2013 Fenn Family
4/11/2012 Updated Canfield Cemetery 
4/11/2012 Updated listing and added photos to Denver Cemetery
4/05/2012 Added link to 1940 census images
2/24/2012 Added new Map links
2/24/2012 Added new BLM Land Search Links
2/24/2012 Updated links for WWI Draft
2/9/2012 Added Person Buried in Unknown Locations
2/9/2012 Added Turner-Newland-Swan Cemetery Listings
2/9/2012 Added 270 Solitary Burial Listings & Updated Canfield Cemetery
11/11/2011 Added new page for Idaho County Genealogical Society
12/06/2010 Added a Christmas Jukebox
10/17/2010 updated Denver Cemetery listings
10/17/2010 update home page
09/01/2010 Updated more listing/photos for Kooskia/Pinegrove Cemetery
5/31/2010 Added more items to the GHS Reunion Page
5/6/2010 Grangeville High School Class Reunion (Class of 1980)
4/24/2010 Death Record Links
3/17/2010 In the process of correcting the Pinegrove (Kooskia) Cemetery listings.  Also adding headstone photos.  In process, so keep checking back.  There are over 1200 listings.
1/20/2010 Mining in Idaho County- updated links
1/20/2010 Added more burials & more headstone photos to Keuterville Cemetery
1/14/2010 Updated Sheriff's page
1/13/2010 Updated Cemetery Main page and all other cemeteries
1/13/2010 Updated Harpster Cemetery listings w/more dates
1/03/2010 New Rickman Family page
1/03/2010 New additions to Area Family Histories
1/03/2010 New additions to Miscellaneous Links
1/03/2010  Link to Idaho Indian Tribes Project
1/03/2010 Added burial listings for Keuterville Cemetery & 40 headstone photos
01/03/2010 Added burial listings for Greencreek Cemetery & 82 headstone photos
12/28/2009 Added more burials & photos to Ferdinand Cemetery
12/20/2009 Added contributed photos to Cottonwood Catholic Cemetery
12/19/2009 Added Ferdinand Cemetery listings w/photos - work in progress!
12/4/2009 Added several photos to Denver cemetery
11/25/2009 Additions & Corrections to Cottonwood City Cemetery
11/12/2009 Dixie Cemetery photos added
11/12/2009 Updated Whitebird Cemetery listings and added photos of all stones
11/06/2009 Added Cottonwood City Cemetery
10/26/2009 Added Cottonwood Catholic Cemetery
10/24/2009 Website completely re-done and changed to new server
7/2/2009 Photos added to Canfield and Joseph Cemeteries
6/28/2009 Updates to Clearwater Cemetery w/photos
6/27/2009 Added Kip-Kip Cemetery
6/26/2009 Added all headstone photos to Slate Creek Cemetery
6/26/2009 Added Miller Cemetery Listing
6/26/2009 Added Willow Ridge Cemetery Listing
6/26/2009 Added Canfield Cemetery Listing
3/25/2009 Added photos to Joseph Cemetery
3/11/2009 Added new Town Plat page
3/11/2009 Added Mug shot of Rudolph Wetter and link to his complete prison file
3/11/2009 Added Google Satellite Map for Cemeteries
3/11/2009 Added Genealogical Events Calendar
3/11/2009 Added Cottonwood Cemetery Listing
3/6/2009 Added Hill burial to Whitebird Cemetery
2/10/2009 Added Cooper Cemetery near Keuterville
2/6/2009 Rebuilt Token Page and added new items
2/5/2009 History of Ferdinand
2/5/2009 John Day Cemetery Photos
2/4/2008 New information on the size of Idaho County
11/2/2008 Added Fun Facts Page
11/2/2008 Added Family Histories - Nitz, Gibler, Litchfield & Williams-McHargue Families
10/5/2008 Made New Page - Fun Facts of Idaho County
10/3/2008 Added more Suicides
10/3/2008 Added more Murders
10/3/2008 Added more Newspaper Articles
10/2/2008 Fixed the Guestbook
10/2/2008 Added More Obituaries
8/13/2008 Added more Military Pensions
8/13/2008 Added 1874 Election Poll Book
8/13/2008 Added Hepp Murder
8/11/2008 Rebuilt Idaho County Births page & added more records
8/10/2008 Added more obituaries
8/9/2008 Added more newspaper articles
8/9/2008 Token Page additions
8/9/2008 Nez Perce Indian Photos
8/8/2008 Unknown Photos
8/8/2008 Photo Album 
8/8/2008 Link to Forest Lookouts of Idaho County
8/8/2008 Volunteer Lookup Page
8/8/2008 Keuterville Centennial Book
8/8/2008 Added photo to Dixie Cemetery
8/8/2008 Del Rio Mine Document from Elk City Assay Office


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